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Faculty Research Travel Fund

The Dean's Office administers the Faculty Travel Fund for the purpose of supporting faculty attendance at professional and scholarly meetings and is advised by the Research Committee in the awarding of grants. Please apply before April 30 for the current fiscal year.  The following guidelines apply:

  1. Limitations: The Faculty Travel Fund is intended to provide at least one travel grant per year for eligible faculty. Eligibility is described in the Faculty Handbook. If choices must be made because of limited funds, preference is given to those speaking or otherwise officially participating at meetings and to those who did not receive a travel grant in 2013-14. If funds for second trips are available, similar criteria will be used in these decisions.
  2. Travel: Air travel reimbursement is limited to round-trip air coach fare or super economy fare (between major airports), whichever is lower and available up to $750. A supplement up to $600 is available for international travel. The shortest and longest supportable air trips from Claremont are, respectively, San Diego and Boston, or the equivalent.  Because of great variability of fares, faculty members are reminded that careful purchasing can actually save enough for an additional trip for a colleague. To ensure use of lowest fares, the Dean's Office will monitor quoted fares, using the departure and return dates given by the applicant, and suggest alternative reservations when appropriate.
  3. Airfare may be purchased on a Pomona College Department purchasing card, or through approved College vendors without incurring out of pocket expenses. In some situations a travel advance may be requested, however, it will only be issued one month before the first day of travel.
  4. Other support: The College will also pay registration fees and provide a stipend to help defray hotel, meal and local travel expenses. Those presenting papers or serving as formal discussants may be reimbursed for hotel, meals and local travel, up to $850; other participants may receive up to $350. To request reimbursement after travel, submit a completed Travel Expense Report [xls] , original receipts, and boarding passes to Sandra Fenton within one month of returning from the conference. (Note: Faculty officially participating in local meetings can apply for reimbursement of registration fees only; travel and room and board expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.)
  5. Deadlines: Applications are reviewed as they are received. To guarantee a first trip please apply early (Faculty Travel Grant [doc] ).  Late requests will be reviewed for full or partial funding as the budget allows.
  6. Requirements: Please note the requirement of the department chair's signature. It is important that your chair be informed in order for suitable arrangements to be made during your absence. Applications without this signature will be returned. Department chairs should have an appropriate colleague sign when they themselves are applying for funding.
  7. Alumni: The College benefits greatly when faculty members can also speak with groups of Alumni and/or friends of the College on such trips. Applicants are asked to indicate their willingness to do so, if requested.


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