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Grant Proposal Procedures

Application to external agencies for research funding is largely the responsibility of individual faculty members. Applications to such agencies must go through Associate Dean Selassie for approval. Necessary review with respect to institutional support and budget approval is accomplished by this procedure. Normally, five working days are required to review such proposals including Business Office review of the budget. The Dean's Office assists faculty members in obtaining grants, fellowships, and other research support from various sources by:

a) making available 2 major grant directories, maintaining faculty access to on-line computer grant announcements and information via Grant Advisor Plus (, Independent Colleges Organization (, and (, and by maintaining a collection of grant and fellowship newsletters, books, announcements, brochures, application forms and other related materials for faculty use;

b) notifying individual faculty members and groups of faculty members of grant opportunities which arise in areas of particular interest to them;

c) publicizing grant deadlines in Faculty Notices (sent via e-mail);

d) helping faculty members in the writing of grants applications, particularly by providing information important to determining grant budgets, and

e) working with the Business Office in grant administration and the approval of grant budget changes, to ease the administration burden of grantees.

Approval from various College committees may have to occur prior to submitting an application. Please check the following web pages if they apply to your research project:

human subjects
DNA recombination

Information available at the Dean's Office about grant sources includes the following programs:

Private Funding

American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund
American Council of Learned Societies

Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College
Council on Undergraduate Research
Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Ford Foundation
Graves Awards in the Humanities
Haynes Foundation Faculty Fellowships
Howard Foundation Fellowships
Kellogg Foundation Fellowships
Lindbergh Fund
Research Corporation
Rockefeller Foundation Fellowships
Spencer Foundation
Stanford University Humanities Center
Woodrow Wilson Center

Governmental Funding

Canadian Studies Program - Canadian Embassy
Fulbright Fellowships (C.I.E.S.)
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation (NSF Fastlane)
Smithsonian Institution
U.S. Information Agency -  Fulbright Exchanges
U.S. Navy -  Office of Naval Research

Grant Newsletters and Guides

Annual Register of Grant Support
Oryx Directory of Research Grants
The Grant Advisor (now on-line)

College Sources of Research Support

Barnard Summer Fellowship in Modern Languages
Yale Griffith Summer Fellowship in Modern Languages
Hirsch Research Initiation Grants
Sontag Senior Faculty Grants
Faculty Travel Fund
General Research Fund

Academic Dean