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Hahn Teaching with Technology Grants

Hahn Grants are designed to support the innovative use of technology for instructional purposes. Typically, grants range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. A call for proposals is issued each year in early March with a late March deadline. The Hahn Grant Committee meets in mid-April to review proposals and to allocate the available funds. Any funds that remain after this distribution are held for allocation at the discretion of the grant committee over the course of the following year.

Proposals should be addressed to Mary McMahon, ITS's Director of Instructional and Research Services, and must contain:

  1. a description of the project and its instructional impact;
  2. a description of equipment, materials, and human resources needed to complete the project (consult Mary McMahon in ITS);
  3. a timeline for completing the project;
  4. a sense of your availability during the summer for consultation about the project;
  5. a budget (after consultation with ITS staff);
  6. a statement as to possible applications of the project for other courses taught by you or your colleagues.

The number of proposals funded each year will depend on the number and cost of feasible projects and on the size of the Hahn budget for that particular year.


  • All purchasing and hiring must be done through ITS.
  • All funds allocated for any given year must be used by March 30. Any remaining amounts will be folded back into the Hahn budget for the following year.

Academic Dean