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Travel to Teaching Conferences (Wig Fund)

These grants are available to faculty traveling to conferences that are specifically about pedagogy or curriculum development. While one might argue that any professional conference may help improve one's teaching, attendance at conferences that focus on a particular area of research or that serve as the annual meetings of a particular discipline are usually not funded. The grants will normally cover the registration fee, transportation up to $800, and hotel and food costs up to $650. Recipients of grants must submit a brief report on the conference and how it contributed to their teaching effectiveness and/or to the curriculum; the Dean's Office will share these reports with the Wig Fund for Teaching Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Applications should be made using the form attached here and should be sent to Associate Dean Kristin Fossum. There are no deadlines; applications are accepted so long as funds remain.

Total funds available 2014-15: $35,000

Faculty Travel Grant for Teaching (Wig) - Application [pdf]

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