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Wig Grants (Curriculum, Teaching, & Pedagogy)

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Wig established the "Distinguished Professorship Endowment Fund" in 1955 to further the teaching mission of the College. This fund is used to support the Wig Distinguished Professorship awards, to help subvene sabbatical salaries, and to facilitate the biannual trustee-faculty retreat. It is also used to support pedagogical and curricular innovation through grants for auditing, course development, teaching innovation, and travel to teaching conferences. These grants are available to all tenure-track faculty and full-time faculty on multiyear contracts. Under exceptional circumstances, funds permitting, applications will be considered from full-time visiting faculty on one-year appointments.

For Curriculum Development and Teaching Innovation grants, the Teaching & Learning Committee and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs give priority to faculty who will be developing new courses or substantially revising existing ones, to faculty who have not recently received a Wig grant, and to junior faculty. In approving budgets for Curriculum Development grants, they generally observe the following limits:

  • $500 for books, films, and software for any one class
  • $1,000 for student assistants for any one class
  • $800 for field trips
  • $850 for travel expenses

Teaching Innovation grants are generally limited to a total of $600.  Please note that ongoing and regular expenses associated with a class should be covered by departmental or program budgets. Wig grants are for one-time costs associated with faculty development in the area of teaching, developing a new course, extensively revising an old course and making innovations in an existing course.  For information about Wig grants, please contact Kristin Fossum, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, by email or ext. 71747.

Academic Dean