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Smith Campus Center & Student Programs Department Staff

Smith Campus Center Central Office Staff
Chris Waugh Chris Waugh
Associate Dean of Students/Director

Chris Waugh has been an educator for over 20 years, serving campus communities in both large and small settings. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, where he continued, earning a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. He then attended Loyola University Chicago, earning his doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration. He has taught at both Northern Illinois University and Loyola University Chicago.

In his role at Pomona, Chris supports the Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students as well as provides day-to-day leadership and support for the Smith Campus Center and related offices, including the Outdoor Education Center, Bridges Auditorium, and 88.7fm/KSPC, the radio station supported by the Claremont Colleges and the surrounding community.

Chris' primary research interest is bystander engagement of undergraduate men involved in dangerous drinking situations. Chris is also interested in leveraging social media to build community and guiding student use of technology and social media to make personal and professional connections inside and outside the classroom. Chris lives in Claremont with his partner, Kristina, and their son Simon.
Ellie Ash-Balá Ellie Ash-Balá
Associate Director

Ellie Ash-Balá has been at the Smith Campus Center since 2007. A graduate of Claremont McKenna College (‘99), Ellie has always loved the 5Cs and was thrilled at the opportunity to return to Claremont. She has her B.A. in Music/Religious Studies and earned her Master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary. At Pomona, Ellie’s role is to educate and support students in their co-curricular experience. She provides oversight and training for the Claremont Colleges ~200 student-run organizations. In addition, she specifically advises the ASPC Senate and the Pomona Events Committee. Additionally, Ellie coordinates TAAP, Pomona's alcohol education and bystander intervention program, and the 4/7 Leadership program.

As a Southern California resident for over 20 years, Ellie loves planning the “47 Things” trips that send students off-campus every semester to exciting destinations around Los Angeles and beyond (especially Dodger Stadium). Ellie lives in Claremont with her wife, Missy, and their dogs, Dexter & Dozer. You might spot them walking the dogs around campus…if you do, please say hi!
John Lopes John Lopes
Assistant Director

John has been at Pomona College since 2006, when he moved from Massachusetts to come to Claremont. A life-long New Englander, John graduated with his B.S. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He recently received his Master’s in Leadership & Management from the University of La Verne in 2010. He has been in Student Affairs in Higher Education since 1977, including 10 years in South Africa at the University of Durban/Westville and the University of Natal-Pietermariszburg.

At Pomona, John is responsible for all the daily operations of the Smith Campus Center. He oversees all event registration on campus and supervises the SCC Building Managers, Servers, CCAVES technicians, and the injured student transport program. John also advises the Inter-Fraternity Council and the three fraternities at Pomona. He is involved with alcohol education and bystander education efforts and serves as On-Call Dean. John lives on campus with his wife, Gisela, and daughter, Alexa.
Brenda Schmit Brenda Schmit
Manager of Retail Services

Brenda Schmit has been at Pomona College since 1993, and prior to coming to Pomona College, she worked in the hospitality industry for 18 years. Brenda earned her Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice from California State University, San Bernardino. As the Manager of Retail Services, Brenda is responsible for the daily operations of the Coop Store and the Coop Fountain, owned by the Associated Students of Pomona College in partnership with the College.

Brenda supports a staff of approximately 90 student employees, with 25 Pomona students staffing the Coop Store and 65 students from all 5 of the Claremont Colleges serving in the Coop Fountain. As one of the largest student employers on campus, the Coop operations provide excellent “real world" training and professional development for students by providing opportunities to gain both "front line" skills as well as more advanced leadership experience in student management roles.
Grace Stewart Grace Stewart
ASPC Accountant, ASPC Business Office

As the ASPC Accountant, Grace manages financial operations for the ASPC Office, the Coop Store, the Coop Fountain, and the 5-C Student Organizations.  She graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a B.A. in Business Administration and has over 20 years of experience in accounting with the Claremont Colleges. Before coming to Pomona, she has been an Investment Accountant for Claremont McKenna College, a Grants Accountant for the Claremont Graduate University, and a Staff Accountant for the Keck Graduate University for Applied Sciences. Grace enjoys her role as the ASPC Accountant because she gets to help students learn the basics of budgeting and accounting while helping them with their co-curricular activities.
Susan Sellons Susan Sellons
ASPC Desk Supervisor, ASPC Business Office 

Susan has worked for Pomona since 1997 and been at the Claremont Colleges since 1994. Her role in the Smith Campus Center/ASPC Office touches almost every program and service connected with the Smith Campus Center. From the discount ticket sales program, to student event signup and sales, to space reservations anywhere on campus, Susan is the go-to person for all of the services in the office. She also coordinates all 5-C student organization reimbursement requests, supervises the student office employees, and is available to answer any question you might have. If you need assistance with anything in the Smith Campus Center, Susan would love to help you out. Just come by the office and tell her what you need!
KSPC Radio
Erica Tyron Erica Tyron
Director of College Radio and Television 

Erica has been at Pomona College since 1992.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology from Scripps College here in Claremont.  As the Director of College Radio and Television, Erica is the full time advisor for student-run KSPC Radio (88.7fm and online at and also advises Studio47, the 5-C film club.  She provides oversight, training, technical expertise and support for students and a consistent management presence for KSPC as a year-round, 24/7 operation.

With an average of 125 volunteers and 23 student managers, KSPC is one of the largest student organizations at the Claremont Colleges --and Erica supports a wide variety of student interests and activities: music, news, talk programming, sports, promotions, concerts and events management and community outreach.  She also supports student filmmakers through Studio47, providing equipment resources, workshops, hosting screenings and student film festivals.
In 2008, Erica began the Youth Radio program in collaboration with the Draper Center for Community Partnerships; as a part of the Pomona College Academy for Youth Success program offered each summer to high school students from groups traditionally under-represented in higher education, Youth Radio provides an intensive, hands-on educational media experience.  Many students who have participated in Youth Radio have subsequently matriculated at Pomona and the other Claremont Colleges.

Erica loves working with students and sharing in their exploration, creation, criticism and celebration of music, film and media.
Outdoor Education Center
Martin Crawford Martin Crawford
Director of Outdoor Education

After receiving a B.S. in Recreation Management at California State University, Northridge, Martin founded his own outdoor guide company. For more than 15 years his company has worked with thousands of individuals including youth-at-risk programs, corporate teambuilding events, college organizations, and charter schools. His company offers adventure recreation programs and trips to local mountains as well as cultural emersion trips to Central America and the Hawaiian Islands. Before coming to Pomona in 2009, Martin taught outdoor skills classes in the Department of Recreation and Tourism at California State University, Northridge for over a decade. At Pomona, he manages the Outdoor Education Center, oversees the first-year Orientation Adventure program and is the staff advisor to the student-run outdoors club, On the Loose.

Martin’s interest lies in the field of outdoor education where he enjoys exposing people to the natural world in new and exciting ways. He enjoys teaching individuals not only the technical skills involved in outdoor pursuits but also the impact our recreation use has on the environment, local communities, and ultimately the effect on the global community. Martin is very active in organizations at the national level and participates in conversations about our recreation and its effects on the world. He holds nationally recognized certifications in rock climbing, ropes course instruction and facilitation, outdoor ethics, kayaking, and wilderness medicine.

Martin is one of the on-call deans and an active member of Pomona’s emergency response team. Martin lives on campus with his wife and two children. Be sure to say hello to them in the dining halls and around campus!
Ballroom Dance Program
Paul Roach Paul Roach
Adjunct Faculty/Director, Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Program

Paul has been involved with Pomona College for nearly a decade, first as a student in the Class of 2007 and then as Director of the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Program. He has trained both at Pomona College and Oxford University, as well as from top professionals all over the world. In addition to Pomona, he has been a guest lecturer and teacher at the California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

At Pomona, Paul is Director of the Executive Board of the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company (CCBDC), supervising recruitment, instruction and training for the approximately 400 students that participate in the Ballroom program each semester. In addition to teaching nine dance classes each semester, Paul also directs the costuming, music, and theatrical aspects of CCBDC’s major productions.

Paul actively engages in organizing the collegiate ballroom dance community and fundraising for the dance community at large. You can catch him out dancing in Los Angeles at Blues, Salsa, Lindy-Hop, and West Coast Swing venues, and at regional and national Dancesport competitions.