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Meet the Staff

Mary Raymond, Associate Dean/Director Mary Raymond, Associate Dean/Director

Mary, a newcomer to Pomona, arrived in the fall of 2011 after many years in career services at East Coast colleges. She believes career advising has been the most important and satisfying aspect of her career, especially since liberal arts students have the freedom to be self directed as they creatively articulate their education in their life’s work. Mary welcomes the opportunity to work with students unclear about their future destinations. When she is not helping students explore their paths, she is reading or knitting.

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Wanda Gibson,Sr. Associate Director Wanda Gibson, Sr. Associate Director, Career Counseling & Programs

Wanda started at the CDO in July 2007 after finishing her Ph.D. at The University of Georgia. She is also a graduate of Wesleyan University, a Pomona peer institution, so the question "What can I do with a liberal arts degree?" is one that hits home for her. Originally from North Carolina, Wanda has lived in Connecticut, New York, Florida, and Georgia. In her free time, she’s an avid sports fan/watcher (go Tar Heels and Bulldogs!), tries her hand at running a couple of half-marathons per year, and enjoys board games, Wii, and most things that allow her to be competitive.

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Sarah Park, Associate Director Sarah Park, Associate Director, Experiential Programs & Employer Relations

Born in Nashville, TN, Sarah’s love for higher education began as a student at Carleton College and continued while earning a Master’s degree at The University of Iowa. Prior to joining Pomona College, Sarah worked at CMC's Career Service Center overseeing their on- campus recruiting program and employer relations outreach. She has served as a professional higher education administrator and contributed to student development programming for over a decade in Iowa, Georgia, and Wisconsin before coming to the Claremont Colleges. Sarah believes the whole student experience is important; thus, developing meaningful co-curricular experiences is important. Co-curricular experiences can demonstrate connections between what is learned inside the classroom and applications to life after college.

Sarah loves to travel and has been to Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, and Sri Lanka. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her sweet mutt, Dolly.

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Kerry Martin, Assistant Director, Alumni Services Kerry Martin, Assistant Director, Alumni Services

Kerry came to the CDO in 2002 and has been working in college career services for more than 20 years. She loves helping people explore what they want to do with their lives and design strategies for how to get there. Originally from Oregon, Kerry enjoys traveling, hiking, singing, biking, reading, and camping with her husband and son. One of her favorite jobs was a summer stint as a bartender at a “lobster-in-the-rough” shack on Cape Ann north of Boston. Though she never received the pony she wanted as a girl, Kerry and her husband own a small herd of alpacas on a farm near Mt. Adams, in Washington state.

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Jennifer Locke, Assistant Director, Fellowships & Career Advising Jennifer Locke, Assistant Director, Fellowships & Career Advising

Jennifer joined the CDO in September 2012. In tenth grade, she took a survey that promised to tell her which college was right for her, and only one school (one she’d never heard of until then) met all of her criteria: Pomona College. Jennifer later attended Pomona and graduated in 2003. She also holds a Ph.D. in English from UC Irvine, where she had the opportunity to apply for and receive research grants through UCL A and the Huntington library. Jennifer is happy to be back on campus to work with fellow Sagehens as they explore fellowships and career opportunities. When Jennifer’s not in the office, she can usually be found playing piano, reading novels, or hosting board game nights with her husband (also Pomona ’03).

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Terry Preuit, Career Advisor Terry Preuit, Career Counselor

Terry joined the CDO in early 2011 to share her industry and consulting experience with students who want to explore career options.  Her background is in human resources and operations, including roles in employment, training, project management, and organizational development. Outside of work, she enjoys circuit training, walking/hiking, and organic vegetable gardening.

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Susanne Filback, Pre-Law Advisor Susanne Filback, Pre-Law Advisor

Susanne joined the CDO as Prelaw Advisor in August 2008. She was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area before heading south to study politics at Pepperdine University. Susanne then went on to work as a recruiter for McKinsey & Co. and was Director of Career Services and the Prelaw Advisor at CMC for 10 years before coming to Pomona.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and three young kids, and traveling whenever possible. She's starting to be a bit of a foodie too and is learning to cook dishes from around the world. She will gladly accept family recipes!

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James Donnelly, Marketing Coordinator James Donnelly, Marketing Coordinator

James joined the CDO team in July of 2012 after completing his Masters in College Counseling & Student Development from Azusa Pacific University in 2011.  Right out of college, James jumped into the corporate world, and after working in a few different fields, he discovered that college counseling was the place for him.He enjoys working with students and working on projects on anything from marketing & career advising to concerts & student activities.  Raised in northern California and moved to southern California for school, he enjoys the people and pace of life in SoCal.  Outside of work, James keeps himself busy exploring restaurants & hangout spots with his wife, running half-marathons & triathlons, and photographing concerts, events, & landscapes.

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Marcela Rojas, Internship Coordinator Marcela Rojas, Experiential Programs Manager

Marcela started at the CDO in August 2012 after finishing her Master’s in Education Concentration Higher Education from California State University, Fullerton. It is through her master’s program where she was able to discover her passion for helping students within career services. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, outdoor activities, great animal lover, and enjoys traveling to learn about different cultures.

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Natalie Clark, Recruiting Coordinator

Natalie Clark, Employer Relations Coordinator


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Merryann Bishop, Office Manager Merryann Bishop, Office Manager

Merryann has been with the CDO as the office manager since 2000. She oversees most functions of the office, including budget, student wages, and student supervisor. Some of Merryann's favorite parts of her job include interacting with students and student staff. Outside of the CDO, she is passionate about knitting and gardening.

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