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Alumni & Families - Get Involved

We greatly appreciate the alumni and families that assist the Career Development Office at Pomona.  You are some of our biggest advocates and we would love to help you get involved with us.  Here are some ways you can assist:

Pomona College Career Connections- LinkedIn Group

Your advice can make a significant impact on students and other alumni.  If you would like to offer your employment thoughts, experiences and opinions to help others in their search for the right career, consider making yourself available as an Alumni or Parent Career Advisor in our LinkedIn Group Pomona College Career Connections. Alumni and Parent Career Advisors have provided students with vital information about career preparation, jobs, internships and more. Your particpation in our LinkedIn group does not obligate you to find opportunities for students; it merely says that you will be a friendly voice in the otherwise anonymous, often intimidating world of work.

The sharing your career path will offer hope and reassurance to students who wonder whether their academic majors will lead to successful careers.

We hope you will take this opportunity to share your experience with students who are coping with career decisions that you faced as a student or recent graduate. Thank you for joining the Pomona College Career Connections LinkedIn group.

To learn more about the value of networking on social media. Download our Resource Guide "Creating a Professional Social Media Network" [pdf]

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us with any questions at 909.621.8144 or by e-mail.

Recruit an Intern or Full-Time Hire

Pomona Alumni and Families can help contribute to students, graduating seniors, and alumni by offering opportunities with their employer.  Students and alumni alike appreciate seeing when an opportunity has been referred to the CDO by a fellow Sagehen.

We have found that internships with a Pomona Alumna/us or Family member as the student’s supervisor are particularly helpful to students.  You understand their school experience and can target their learning activities.  Most students are available to work between late May and late August.  However, if your organization is located in the Los Angeles area, you may be a good candidate for our Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) which occurs during the academic year.  PCIP provides paid opportunities for students to ensure that all students no matter their financial background are able to do a substantive internship during their time at Pomona.  Learn more about this program and the benefits of hosting an intern by click on the “Internships” section of the left menu bar or contact our Internship Coordinator Sarah Yoo via e-mail or call 909.621.8144.

Alumni and Families regularly post internship as well as full-time positions for graduating seniors and fellow alumni in Route 47, our online recruiting system. There is no cost to post. To learn how to post your opportunity, click here.

If would like to learn more how you can conduct on-campus recruiting, contact Terry Preuit or call 909.607.7905.

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