Professional networking is the number one resource and tool in career exploration and job search. Connecting with others through social networking media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) is credibile reference to for networking. Over 40% use LinkedIn to recruit and connect with canidates. Social Media helps people expand their contacts in every field imaginable.  Check out the Pomona College related connections available through LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn Connections

The Pomona College Alumni group on LinkedIn has thousands members.  This is another way for you to connect to fellow Sagehens across industries and around the world.  Join this group and search by location, by company, job title, or name to find other Pomona grads.  LinkedIn is a FAST growing resource for networking and job searching.
Pomona College Career Connections group is another LinkedIn resource.  There you can follow discussions on career and job search topics in a variety of fields, as well as connect with other Sagehens in your areas of interest. 
Want to expand your net even further?  Search for fellow Sagehens using the Advanced Search feature on LinkedIn.  Search for People and enter Pomona College in the school field.  Then select a location or an industry or a specific organization/company to find other Pomona grads in your areas of interest.  You will find people who are not a part of either of the groups above . . . but may still be a great connection for you!

Facebook Connections

Join the Pomona College Career Development Office page on Facebook and see articles and information regarding careers and job search in a wide variety of fields.  Stay up to date with what's happening in the job market, recruiting, and strategies for the job search.  Don't you "like" us?