What Should I Wear? 

People in Suits

It is important to realize that you can be yourself while also dressing appropriately. You should know that most employers are interested in interviewees who are well-groomed and professionally dressed. Make sure you don't wear anything that distracts from what you say.

General Tips:

  • Research the organization and view their materials/website for clues on the organization's culture.  Industry-specific attire may be the appropriate way to go.  Conservative business fields (i.e., management consulting, investment banking) will expect a suit, while fields like social media or non-profits may accept more casual interview attire.
  • Dress slightly above what the position might require.
  • Hair should be neat and away from your face.
  • Avoid cologne, perfume or strong-smelling aftershave.
  • Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.
  • Shoes should be newer, clean and polished.
  • Clothes should be pressed and clean, fit well and be comfortable.
  • If in doubt, play it safe an go with a more traditional look.
  • Choose an outfit that you like and will feel comfortable to sit and talk.

Remember, the CDO is here to help!  You are always welcome to bring your interview clothes into the office for feedback on making sure you're dressed your best!