Connecting with Pomona alumni

Look for upcoming events in ClaremontConnect. – There are information sessions, career fairs, alumni networking events, workshops, panels, etc. where we bring professionals to talk with you.  Take advantage of both events at Pomona and at the other schools!  The CDO has made an agreement with the other career centers that Pomona students can attend all events at all the Claremont Colleges.

Look for contact information in job/internship postings.  – Even if you aren't interested in that job/internship, that person still may be able to share information about the organization or how to break in.  Places to look at postings include, and

Find professional association meetings. – Check the newspaper or online for any upcoming meetings or conferences of professionals in the field you're targeting.  You can also find names of professional organizations through the Career Resource Library.

Connect on Social Media.  – Social media can be an amazing tool to utilize in your job search. While you want to be aware of what you put online you might consider ways to set privacy measures in place on some sites and utilize your presence on others to make professional connections. More and more recruiters are connecting with and screening candidates using LinkedIn and other social media, it is important to consider what they might see and how they might respond.  It is possible to be yourself online and still present yourself professionally! Building your personal brand is just another way to tell your story.  For more information, start here.

Connect to the CDO's LinkedIn GroupPomona College Career Connections

The number one professional network in the world is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking site like Facebook, but it is exclusively for professional networking. It allows you to see information about companies, and find and connect with people through the various organizations and people you know.