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Current PCIP Students

New Hire Orientation

  • All current PCIP students must attend a New Hire Orientation before the start of their internship.
  • During the orientation Internship Coordinator will cover all the necessary information needed for students to understand PCIP assignments, transportation request, tracking hours through the Kronos system etc.
  • A syllabus will be provided that explains the assignments, due dates and tips regarding Kronos.

Program Requirements

The following are mandatory PCIP assignments that all current PCIP participants must complete throughout the course of the PCIP semester (Fall or Spring).

Internship Expectation & Agreement form

  • To be completed by both student and internship supervisor by the first week of starting the internship.

Complete Transportation Request Form

3 Journal Entries

3 Informational Interviews

  • Students can interview any professional at their internship site, at a different organization/company, staff, alumni etc.

2  Evaluation Forms

  • One will be completed by the interns supervisor, please see document [doc]
  • Students evaluation form will be completed through ClaremontConnect

All assignments are completed through Claremont Connect. Due dates for the above assignments will be provided to each student during the New Hire Orientation.

PCIP Transportation Reimbursement

  • Process: Internship Coordinator submits a Special Pay Authorization request each month to the Payroll Office with students’ names and dollar amounts. Students will receive reimbursements once a month.
  • Please note: Students can make changes to their transportation request amount during the semester by editing the form on Claremont Connect and sending Internship Coordinator an email that edits were made. However, the remaining overall budget will determine whether additional transportation funds can be allocated.
  • Transportation funds DO NOT impact student work allotments

Please review documents for further information and to determine the best transportation option for you.

Students Guide to Filling out PCIP Assignments on ClaremontConnect

All assignments will be completed throughout the course of the academic semester that the student is at his/her internship. The assignments will be submitted through Claremont Connect.

Follow  these steps to access the assignments:

  1. Click on -  “My Profile”
  2. Under the “Internship Credit” section click on “View All”
  3. Click “Edit” for the internship that pertains to the academic semester

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