Looking for funding for your low-paid or unpaid internship?

Each year the Career Development Office offers funding for unpaid or low paying summer internships. The funding awards encourage students to pursue career exploration through summer internships in all career fields.  The CDO will assist students in their search as we have access to over 6,000 opportunities from across the country and the world through the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN), NIC and GoingGlobal and other resources.

The goals of the program are for students to:

  • Gain a rich understanding of a particular field and/or organization
  • Have a personalized internship/research opportunity
  • Connect the opportunity to their career goals/aspirations
  • Have access to an internship/research opportunity that could be pivotal in their career development but would be difficult without additional funding

The CDO works to ensure that students maximize their experience by requiring activities that will advance students' career development.

This includes:

  • Summer Opportunity Agreement - clearly defining experience responsibilities, learning opportunities, and supervisory structure
  • 3 journal entries that help students reflect on their experience and what they're learning
  • 3 informational interviews to help students expand their career network and knowledge of the industry
  • Mid-summer evaluation allowing the supervisor and student to check in on the progress of the internship
  • A final evaluation by the student and supervisor giving both sides the opportunity to reflect on the internship
  • Participate in the SURP/Summer Experience Funding Poster Conference along with any campus events highlighting the students' summer experience
  • Students who complete the program in good standing will receive a .5 credit notation on their transcript which will be non-cumulative and will not count towards the 32 credits required to graduate.
Program Eilibility

Program Eligibility

The program is made possible through the generosity of alumni, parents, and foundation gifts.  Students may apply for up to funding for domestic and international opportunities. The award will be used towards living expenses including but not limited to: housing, transportation, and food. 

Summer Internship Funding Application

Summer Experience Funding Application

Fill out and application for Summer Experience Funding here.  The application along with all required forms must be submitted by the deadline; no late applications will be accepted.  Deadline will be announced earlier in the fall semester, deadline will be in mid/late March.

Summer Internship Funding


The funds for the Summer Funding Experience Program come from the generosity of Pomona, alumni, parents and donors. The Summer Funding Experience  Program consists of several awards to help support students through variety of career exploration and opportunities.  Find out more about these generous awards and the opportunities they have funded.