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Online Postings & Research

Some swear by them, some say they are a waste of time. Love them or loathe them, job boards are an important resource for most job/internship seekers.  The trouble with job boards is that employers often receive so many applications from well-qualified candidates that it is hard to stand out from an online application.  However, the internet is a great place to start to find out about opportunities, but make sure you do some networking prior to applying.  Only 5% of positions are filled by online applications alone.

So you might wonder, why should you even bother with searching online?  One reason is that nearly all employers are required to publicly post their positions online, due to a regulation called OFCCP.  So a lot of positions are out there, waiting for you to find them.  The problem is that you may not know the name of every employer you’d be willing to work for and not every employer can afford to post their positions on expensive websites like  So how do you find each other?

ClaremontConnect – Employers especially looking to recruit Pomona College students post their positions on ClaremontConnect.  Many positions are posted by alumni, and the CDO includes the phrase “posted by PO Alum” whenever we hear about this.  To get notifications about opportunities that match your interests, set up a “Job Search Agent [pdf] ” and sign up for one of our industry listservs.

CDO Library & CARL System – The CDO houses one of the career libraries in the country.  We have books from a wide variety of industries to meet our students’ diverse interests.  These books often contain names of employers or internet websites with job/internship opportunities.   To search our library, come into the CDO during our office hours or search in our online Career Access Resource Library (CARL).  The CARL system also contains websites to niche job boards.  Many employers are going away from large job boards to smaller ones, so don’t miss checking out these websites.

Informational Interviews – People that work in the industry that you are targeting will often be knowledgeable in their competitors.  They may be willing to provide you the names of these employers and possibly some contacts there to help with networking.

Career Insider/Vault – The CDO pays for Pomona students to have access to this extensive database of employer profiles.  Nearly every industry is covered.  Click here to learn how to access this resource.

Search Aggregators – There are now meta search job boards that aggregate job postings from other sites. The main reason for you to use an aggregator is that you will search through all jobs in one go. The comprehensive search will pull up results from job boards, newspaper’s job sections, company career pages, recruiter sites and more.  Here are two of the top search aggregators:



Look at other job/internship descriptions that already interest you to figure out what keywords you should use.  Click here to find an exercise on how to do this. – While you may have only thought of this site for social networking, it is a fantastic job board for entry level jobs and internships.  It is one of the only free job boards out there.  Twitter is especially good for international opportunities.

Professional Associations/ Groups – Many professional associations have a job board or listserv.  This is a great place to search for opportunities targeted to your interests.  Many professional associations are listed in the CARL system, but you can also find them by doing a Google search. also has a Groups feature, which is organized mainly by industry.  These groups may also post job/internship opportunities.

These are just SOME of the ways to search for job/internship opportunities, and by no means is a comprehensive list.  If you’ve gone though this list and are still looking for more assistance or you just want clarification on this information, come to our drop-in hours which are MTuWThF 3-4:30 PM and TuTh 10:30-11:30 AM.

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