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Selling Your Liberal Arts Degree

Google Business Analyst Lisa 'LJ' Kwak '05

“When you come out of a liberal arts school, like Pomona, you don’t come out with an accounting degree or a corporate finance degree, and because you’re very scrappy. But you come to employers saying: ‘Hey, look, I never studied X, Y, and Z but I’m smart, and I’m a critical thinker, and I can figure it out,’.”

Google Business Analyst Lisa "LJ" Kwak '05 on "What Did You Learn at Pomona College?" from Pomona College CDO on Vimeo.


Have you ever been in an interview and had an employer ask you: ‘Tell me about your liberal arts degree.’ Would you know what to say, how to explain your degree, or how to make a ‘vague’ liberal arts degree germane to the job you seek? This download will help you do just that! [pdf]

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