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Personal Tributes

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So you meet Ed Malan and the first thing is the smile...he’s always smiling...he is the guy that lights up the room from the moment he shows up. Whether it’s a reunion dinner or an Annual Fund calling session, he’s always quick with a joke and usually a sparkle in his eye--a little mischievous, but exceedingly kind. Then you learn more about his distinguished career, him being mayor, etc., and you wonder if you should have been calling him Dr. Malan all along instead of Ed, but he’s really just so nice that he just wants you to be comfortable, so Ed it is. Then you start to work with Ed on his reunion campaigns and you find that he is a fearless fundraiser--fearless. Probably because everyone adores him and can’t say “no” to him, or if they do, he doesn’t let it get him down. He strikes me as one of those people who has decided--just decided--that there are enough tough things in life, so let’s be happy whenever possible. And Ed spread a lot of happiness to all those who were lucky enough to know him. All of us in the Annual Giving office will miss our fearless fundraiser, but even more we will miss our friend Ed.

Craig Arteaga-Johnson ’96, director of Annual Giving

I met and was honored to associate with no man (even though it was relatively briefly), inside or outside Pomona College, who I admired more than Ed Malan. He was my frosh Football Coach at Pomona in 1955, along with the likes of Ward Jones, Nobby Orens, Dinny McIsaac, Roger Palmer, John Head, Bill Holland, Jay Wedel, Chuck Mooney, and Steve Watson. After the football season, Ed taught a self-defense course that centered around boxing strategies. But there was something about Ed, both on and off the gridiron, that made him stand out in a very quiet but majestic way. He was, in my eyes, a man's man, and it just came to him so naturally and genuinely. What a stud! I'm so happy to have been able to see him and chat with him a couple of years ago at a Pomona College football game. I've thought of him many times over the years with much warmth; I'll never forget him and will always look up to him with respect and awe.

Dan King '61

With Love & Fond Remembrance to the Family of Professor Edward W. Malan -- a great contributor and historical figure in the great sports tradition that is Pomona College, and his great & loyal contributions to the City of Claremont, its families and friends.

The Darrow Family
Claremont, California
Laguna Beach, California

I always looked forward to running into Ed at receptions or even around the locker room. He always had a smile and some kindness and good humor to share.

Stephen Marks, professor of economics


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