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How to Publicize Events

A Checklist for Event Publicity

  • Pomona College public calendar (EMS)
  • Table tents, flyers and the Coop monitors
  • Events Listserv and Student Digester/Chirps

The Office of Communications can help you publicize your on-campus public events in many ways, including alerting the media, posting on Pomona's website, and mentioning it on social media. But first, there is one thing you must do: Post the event on the Pomona Public Events online calendar (EMS). This calendar serves as our main source for events and provides us the information we need to publicize it.

We hope this guide will demystify how to post events on the online calendar and how to publicize your events in other ways on campus (Events Listserv, Student Digester/Chirps, flyers/table tents, Coop monitors). 

Please note this information only applies to publicizing Pomona College events that are open to the public. We do not publicize student-only events.

Your First and Most Important Step

Post your event to the Pomona College Public Events online calendar (EMS)! We really can't emphasize how important this step is. Our office can help you publicize your event in many ways but everything we do flows from this calendar. (Skip to event-posting instructions below.)

Once you post your information, we can:

  • Ensure events are printed in the CUC print calendar (if you post your event before the monthly deadline)
  • Include it in the monthly Pomona media release of all events, sent to local media and posted online
  • Post events on
  • Post event notices on Twitter
  • Publicize especially large events on Facebook
  • Use our knowledge of what's happening on campus to decide when and where to send photographers, when to write event-specific press releases, or if an event might be appropriate for later news or magazine coverage.

The Pomona online calendar (EMS) is our No. 1 source of information for all of these activities.

When You Should Post Your Event

Each month during the school year, someone from our office (usually Sneha Abraham) sends out a reminder to the staff and faculty listservs to post events by a certain deadline. Submitting events by the 5th of the preceding month ensures that your event is included in the Events Release submitted for the CUC print calendar. Submitting events by the 10th of the preceding month ensures your event is included in Pomona's Event Release sent to the media.  

What if you miss the CUC print deadline? You should still post your event to the EMS calendar. Even if your event doesn't make it into the CUC print calendar, it could still be included in the media release online or be considered for the Pomona web or our social media. 

Note: Events posted on the Pomona Public Events Calendar (EMS) must be open to the public. If you are worried about space issues if too many people show up or you are presenting a sensitive topic that you'd rather only Pomona students/faculty/staff attend, please email Laura Tiffany or Sneha Abraham. We want to publicize events that you want to publicize.

How to Post Events to the EMS/Public Events Calendar

Go to the Pomona Public Events Calendar (EMS). (Bookmark this link as it is the easiest way to navigate to the calendar.)

At the top of the page, click “Submit Event.” You do not have to log in to the system. Fill in all of the required information (denoted by red asterisks). Please include as much information possible in the event description. Listing only the speaker’s name may not entice people to attend your event, so include their talk title, their business title or college if they are a professor, books they've written, major awards, etc. It is usually quite easy to find this information online. Generally, two to four sentences on the person is fine.

If you do not have the location or talk title by the CUC deadline, please enter TBA in those boxes in the form. If you are awaiting the event title/description from a speaker, tell them the publicity deadline; they will often meet the deadline if told. Once the event is submitted and you have an addition or change, email Laura Tiffany with the information.

You must enter either a phone number or email contact. Use the full nine-digit phone number, not just our internal extensions. Student groups sponsoring an event may ask an administrative office or faculty member to be the public contact if they wish.

When you are done, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. Events will enter a queue and be released in a day or so by Laura Tiffany. You will receive notification at the email address you enter into the form. If you do not receive this notification within two business days, please double-check the calendar and email Laura Tiffany if the event has not appeared.

If you are posting an event right before the CUC print calendar or Pomona Event Release deadline, it’s a good idea to send Sneha Abraham a quick email as well, in case something goes wrong with the online submission process. We do not want you to miss the deadline because of a technical snafu.

Helpful Hints

  • The "post date" refers to the date on which the event will be posted to the calendar site, not the actual event date. Do not edit this field. It should be left with the current day's date.
  • You don't have to use the pull-down menu for the time or date. You can just enter the time (4:15 pm, 4:15 PM, 4:15 p.m., etc.) or date (01/18/2012), which saves you time.
  • Include the full phone number with area code for contact information. Members of the community or the media will not know our internal extension system.
  • We do have a second campus calendar for arts events. If your event is about or features art, music, theatre or dance, choose "select multiple" from the Calendars field to choose both the Pomona - Public Events calendar and the Pomona - Theatre, Dance, Music or Art calendar. You may also use this same step to post the event to another campus calendar. Do this only when appropriate (e.g., another college department is co-sponsoring the event).
  • If you are entering a recurring event, only use the "recurrence" function if each event has the same exact description/details and is at the same time. If the event is on different days with different times, you must make a new entry for each time. For example, theatre events usually occur Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8, and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 2. You must enter one recurring event for the evening performances and one recurring event for the matinees. We realize this is a very confusing feature of the EMS calendar. Please email Laura Tiffany if you need assistance.

Event Requirements for the EMS

Not all events are appropriate for the Pomona Public Events (EMS) calendar. Please note the following requirements:

  • Events must be open to the general public. Student parties, for example, are not appropriate.
  • Events must be located on the Pomona College campus; feature a Pomona College professor, student, alumni or staff member; or be co-sponsored by a Pomona department.
  • Events do not have to be free, but if they are not, clearly state their cost and explain how to obtain tickets.

Other Ways to Promote Your Event

There are several additional ways to promote your campus events that are out of our office's purview. 

The Events Listserv

The Events Listserv is a daily email that is sent out to subscribers with the sole purpose of promoting Pomona's events on campus. Please note that the Office of Communications does not run the Listserv. ITS is in charge, but it's a fairly automated system. For each day you want to promote your event, you must email or visit the Listserv online to submit your event information. You will receive an automated email in return to ensure you are not a spammer or robot. Be aware that, oftentimes, your event notice may not show up until the next day, especially if you send it in later in the afternoon.

Student Digester/Chirps

The Student Digester/Chirps is a similar service to the Events Listserv but goes to all students. You can go online to to enter your events or read archives. Submissions are gathered daily into one email delivered to students. Remember depending on when your post is submitted, it may not show up until the next day. Susan Dietz in the Smith Campus Center is the moderator of this service.

Offline Promotion

Please note that the following services are offered by Smith Campus Center, not the Office of Communications.

Table Tents and Flyers

Dining Hall table tents and flyers are also effective ways to publicize events, but you may need to request approval.

You need an approval stamp when:

  • Social events/parties or any student group sponsored event must have approval stamp from the Smith Campus Center to be distributed 5C, or
  • if alcohol will be served.

You don't need approval stamp when:

  • College department sponsored events/lectures or
  • events where the flyer is only distributed on Pomona’s campus (and the event has no alcohol)

To get an approval stamp:

  • either drop off your flyer at the ASPC office to be reviewed and stamped, then pick it up the next day and take it to Duplicating to be copied, or
  • email the flyer to Duplicating with your order and cc Ellie Ash-Bala and John Lopes and request approval. Duplicating will wait for an approval email and then apply the stamp electronically.

Please email Ellie Ash-Bala if you have any questions about this process.

Smith Campus Center Monitors

  • Email a JPEG file to Ellie Ash-Bala requesting posting on monitors and include the dates you want the image to run.
  • This JPEG must be a minimum of 1299 px x 918 px, landscape view (not portrait), and 72dpi resolution.

Thank you for your help with this process and for contributing to the wonderful continual flow of events.