All pack out orders must be placed at least three business days in advance. Pack out orders placed less than three business days before the requested pick up time will be accepted at the discretion of the catering manager.

Continental Breakfast

Bagels with cream cheese
Cereal bars
Fresh whole fruit
Assorted muffins
Bottled juice or water

Deli Sandwich Luncheon

Choice of smoked turkey or assorted grilled vegetables
American cheese
White or wheat bread
Mayonnaise and mustard
Lettuce and tomato
Potato chips
Green salad with ranch dressing
Fresh whole fruit
Cookies or brownies
Soda or bottled water


Pizza available fully cooked (Monday-Friday) or uncooked. All pizzas are served with garden salad with ranch dressing, fresh whole fruit, cookies or brownies, sodas and bottled water.

Baked individual pizza (pepperoni, cheese, or vegetable)
Uncooked pizza shells with pepperoni or vegetarian toppings, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese

Sack Lunch

Turkey or vegetarian sandwich
Bag chips or veggie sticks
Fresh whole fruit
Cookies or brownies
Soda or bottled water

Sack Snack (choose three)

Granola bars
Fresh veggies with dip
Fresh whole fruit
Candy bars
Snack mix
Trail mix
Assorted soda or bottled water

All American BBQ

Hamburger patties
Vegetarian burgers
Burger buns
Lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and cheese
Green salad with ranch dressing
Potato chips
Fresh whole fruit
Cookies or brownies
Soda or bottled Water

Pasta Dinner (20 guest minimum)

Spaghetti (available dry or fully cooked and refrigerated)
Alfredo, marinara or meat sauce
Caesar salad
Cookies or brownies
Sodas or bottled waters

Mexican Dinner (20 guest minimum)

Seasoned diced chicken breast
Soft tortillas
Refried beans
Tortilla chips
Shredded cheese
Assorted grilled vegetables
Fresh whole fruit
Cookies or brownies

Backpacker's Special

Choice of Entrée
Uncooked rice, tortillas and canned beans
Canned soup with bread rolls
Uncooked pasta, marinara sauce and bread rolls

Fresh whole vegetables
Fresh whole fruit
Sodas or bottled water
Assorted cookies