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Draper Center Winter Grants

November 14, 2011

Do you have an idea for a cool, community engagement project for the winter? Do you need money to help fund that project?

Then apply for a Draper Center Winter Grant!

These grants will provide students with funding for a mutually beneficial community partnership project during the winter and multiply their effort by encouraging community work on campus. The grants are meant to help cover the costs of implementing the service project. Students may use this grant abroad or within their respective local communities. The money from the grant should go towards expenditures for the community engagement project, or for personal expenses to support the project, like transportation and housing. Students may also choose to work independently, with a peer, or with an established organization, if applicable. Projects can be a one-time event or an ongoing endeavor.

More information, including the online application, is available by clicking here.

All completed applications received by the deadline of November 25th @ 5:00PM will be considered.

Please direct all questions to Nicholas Murphy at


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