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The 2012 Napier Awards

February 10, 2012
Courtney and Celia

Congratulations to Courtney and Celia for their hard work and ambitious projects for change!

The Draper Center for Community Partnerships congratulates Courtney Miller and Celia Neustadt for being selected as this year’s recipients of the Napier Award for Creative Leadership!  These two amazing Pomona College seniors will each receive a $10,000 stipend to implement their creative plan for meaningful social change.

Courtney, who is an International Relations major, will be using her funds to return to southern Peru.  Once there she’ll work with local partners to establish a pilot program for the manufacture and distribution of low-cost ceramic walter filters.  These filters will provide clean water to people in the Puno region and, in the long run, perhaps lead to the creation of a local manufacturing plant.

Celia, a native of Baltimore, will use her award to return to her hometown and partner with local youth to implement a unique program geared toward exposing the inequities of local renewal efforts.  This Sociology major will be applying much of what she has learned to teaching others and fostering a collaborative effort to reclaim public spaces.

This is only the second year of the Napier Initiative, a partnership between the Claremont Colleges and Pilgrim Place designed to both honor the memory of Davie and Joy Napier and foster intergenerational relationships.  Celia and Courtney were selected with 8 other seniors from the five colleges to be Napier Fellows.  Only two of the Fellows are selected to receive the full award.  At a celebratory dinner on February 10th the two Sagehens were announced as this year’s winners.


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