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Establishing a LIN(k) early! | José Luis Gómez

October 8, 2013

Coordinator Sarai speaks to a group of potential volunteers during one of the LINC info sessions

Michelle Chan ‘17

Student Coordinator Rachel Jackson ’15 takes a break from sharing about the Center’s program to pose for a picture with Cecil at Turf Dinner

Michelle Chan ‘17

Cecil Sagehen shares information about the Draper Center to prospective volunteers

With the beginning of the school year come extra tasks for our student coordinators. Beyond the usual responsibilities of managing one of the Draper Center’s community engagement programs, student coordinators are also pressed to find—and prepare—volunteers for such programs. As starry-eyed first-years think about their dreams and expectations of the next four years, it is our hope that our programs are part of their plan. But we must do more than just hope; we must act! 

Over the past few weeks, LINC coordinators—Sarai, Hong, and I—have been busy getting the word out about our awesome program (Learning IN Collaboration). From adorable Winnie-the-pooh flyers to info sessions and Turf Dinner outreach, the team has strived to do it all. Our program thrives because of the work and energy of our amazing volunteers, and we need to get potential volunteers excited about the work LINC does.

Through our advertisement efforts, we hope we’ve exposed our programs to those individuals at Pomona who can most benefit—and benefit from—being involved. Keeping in mind the Draper Center’s mission to create mutually-beneficial partnership, I am confident that this year’s program will be a positive experience for all who participate. 


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