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Falling into Community Engagement! | Ali Goss

November 11, 2013

Ali Goss is a sophomore majoring in International Relations with a concentration in the Middle East and Conflict Resolution.

Our volunteers hard at work at the first Sagehens Engage event!

The month of October was a very exciting month for the Draper Center! As the school year came into full swing, so have our programs! I've watched as my co-workers have poured endless hours of work into their programs and the results are clear! On top of all that, everyone is past their midterms in one piece.

For one of my programs, Community Based Research Learning, we just hosted our first theater outreach events! On Saturday, October 2nd, 100 local high school students joined our campus community for a day of self discovery, college exposure, and theater! The second of its kind, the program promises to plant seeds of interest in higher education in the students!

Sagehens Engage! has also been picking up as more and more people ask me about it around campus.  At a busy school like Pomona, it's hard for people to be as involved in the community as they were in high school and Sagehens Engage! is the perfect fix!

So far in my first semester as a coordinator I've been enjoying myself immensely: integrating myself into the Draper Team, coordinating programming, and all in all improving awareness of what the Draper Center does around campus.  I'm excited to continue into the semester and the year beyond!


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