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Fremont on Air | Sarah Buchhorn

March 31, 2014

Sarah Buchhorn is in her fourth and final year at Pomona College

This semester, Pomona Partners embarked on a project to create a one-time radio show of student stories.  My fellow program coordinators and I asked our group of 7th–9th grade students to draw inspiration from “a typical day in their lives.”  We emphasized that we wanted to see them go beyond a step-by-step log of events towards a reflection upon those events that would give listeners insight into the values, feelings, and goals they held.

After several weeks of writing, editing, and recording (all with support from college volunteers) we had sitting in our digital recorders a unique collection of stories.  The students overcame fears of “sounding weird” on the recordings to allow others to hear their tales of soccer team celebrations, misheard phone calls, quirky history teachers, failed operations, lunchtime games, apologies, and new understandings.

After another week of editing and finalizing the show, the students involved in the project will be coming to Pomona’s campus for a “Listening Party” the day before the official broadcast. Throughout this semester, Pomona Partners has truly come to feel like a community.  I am very excited for the students to hear themselves and to see that their classmates and others are listening to them.  
Pomona Partners is a weekly after school program for 7th – 9th grade students at Fremont Academy.  “Fremont on Air” was funded in part by a grant from the Mellon Elemental Arts Initiative.  The show will be broadcast on KSPC (88.7 FM) on Sunday, April 6th at 6:00pm.


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