Priscila Garcia
As Priscila Garcia prepares to leave her position as the Post Baccalaureate Fellow for Educational Outreach, she reflects on the importance of campus-wide efforts.
Becca Baiman '15
Before graduating, Draper Center Coordinator Becca Baiman '15 spent time reflecting on the need to find balance between pushing for progress and being content with her accomplishments.
Local high school students touring Pomona
Catherine Song describes the excitement she feels when working with K-12 students from the surrounding community, highlighting a college student's experience interacting with younger students.
A collage created by Pomona Partners participants at Fremont Academy
Araceli Garcia '17 reflects on her experience creating art with students at Fremont Academy as part of Pomona Partners programming.
Students from the Coronado Garden Project tour the Farm at Pomona College
Becca Baiman '15 reflects on the progress of the Coronado Garden Project, which partners with a high school in West Covina to maintain a school garden and implement a curriculum about local and industrial food systems and food justice.
Connie during an ESL tutoring session
Eli and Emma co-tutored Maria and Connie, two members of Pomona’s housekeeping staff, throughout the 2013-2014 academic year as volunteers for the Draper Center's ESL Tutoring Program. They share their thoughts on this experience.