From learning about the concept of a liberal arts education to discovering vocabularies to describe my personal identity, the Draper Center was one of my only support systems in the journey to higher education.
If this week has shown me anything, it has reminded me that I need to hold myself accountable by taking action towards justice, and not letting myself fall into the habit we have created of misrepresenting our compassion.
When identifying/describing yourself, do you ever say you’re a busy person? Sure, some of us might say “I’m a hard worker.” But I think there’s a difference between a busy person and a hard worker.
Father Gregory Boyle
Heidi Yuan '18 reflects upon the kinship and empowerment she has found as a member of the multifarious communities at Pomona.
Katia Jimenez
Katia Jimenez '14 shares her experiences as Post Baccalaureate Fellow for Educational Outreach.
Priscila Garcia
As Priscila Garcia prepares to leave her position as the Post Baccalaureate Fellow for Educational Outreach, she reflects on the importance of campus-wide efforts.
Becca Baiman '15
Before graduating, Draper Center Coordinator Becca Baiman '15 spent time reflecting on the need to find balance between pushing for progress and being content with her accomplishments.