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Project Request Process

All projects are coordinated through Planning and Project Management (P&PM).

For Project Requests:
Download and complete the Project Request Form [pdf] .  Print the request form and follow the directions.  Please note:  Sign off by the appropriate Vice President is required before submission of Project Request Form.  Please note:  E&A project requests for 2015 will utilize this procedure.  These requests for projects can be submitted at any time throughout 2014.

Initiation stage:
The requesting department submits a Project Request Form to P&PM via the following email address:  The request is processed by PP&M and assigned to a Project Manager (PM).  The assigned PM will contact the Requestor to schedule a meeting and discuss the request, evaluate the site, and develop a scope of work.

Preliminary Study Stage:
Dependent upon the level of complexity of the project, the PM may recommend a preliminary study be executed which would provide the Requestor with a conceptual design study and estimate of associated costs.  A presentation of the study and its findings will be made to the Requestor.  P&PM will then request direction from the Requestor.

Facility Modification Stage:
Should the Requestor and the Vice President wish to proceed further the PM will prepare a “Project & Funding Approval” (PFA) for circulation and authorization for PP&M to proceed with the execution of the construction project.  Once the FR is approved and all appropriate contracts are executed, the PM will coordinate with the design and construction team to ensure the approved scope of work is completed within the approved budget and schedule.  Coordination and communication with the Requestor will be made through the PM.

Implementation Stage:
The PM will manage the daily activities of the project; participate in fee negotiation for work performed by consultants, contractors, and vendors; coordinate input, planning, programming, and design phases of the project; review plans and specifications and compliance with Pomona College’s design and construction standards; make regular site visits; hold design and construction progress meetings and,  review and  approve pay applications and invoices.

Close Out Stage:
The PM will review the completed work of the contractor, and develop a deficiency list to be addressed by the contractor prior to releasing final payment to the contractor.