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Pomona College Endowed/Restricted Funds

Endowed Scholarships at Pomona College

Financial Aid at Pomona College is made possible through donations to the College from alumni, friends and foundations.  Over the College’s 127-year history, a multitude of Pomona supporters have provided gifts to the College to ensure that a Pomona education is accessible.

Pomona designates over $65 million a year to provide students with financial aid grants.  More than half of this total comes from scholarships set up by donors who have named their scholarships, with specified restrictions for awarding.  For instance, some scholarships are designated to benefit students studying chemistry, or for athletes, or for those who want to pursue teaching.  In many cases, a donor’s only restriction for their named aid is that it is used to provide financial aid for students who will most benefit from it.

 How Students Are Selected to Receive a Named Scholarship

The Office of Financial Aid uses the information provided on the completed Scholarship Data Sheet each summer/fall to determine which restricted scholarships students can receive.  Information from the scholarship data sheet is critical, as it gives the staff a sense of your interests, activities, and your goals.

Those who are awarded are chosen because they best fit the donor’s wishes, and are excellent representatives of Pomona students.  It is an honor to be selected, as you represent the College to our strongest supporters.

Does This Affect Your Pomona Aid Package?

Receiving a named scholarship does not increase your existing financial aid funding.  It replaces a portion of the general aid (Pomona Scholarship) that you are receiving at Pomona.  As noted, it is an honor to be awarded a named scholarship and many students list their awards on their resumes or CVs.

Student Thank You to Donors

Scholarship donors often ask to receive information about the students who are benefiting from the funding they provided.  The Office of Financial Aid partners with the Office of Stewardship to prepare annual reports to the donors of named scholarships to recognize the importance of their generosity to our students’ education.  

Along with a Thank You Letter to the Donor  from the recipient, the College provides updates on scholarship recipients to recognize the impact that our donors make when committing their own resources to ensure that students have access to a Pomona College education.

Required Steps for Students Receiving Named/Restricted Awards:

  1. Each year, fill out Scholarship Data Sheet and return to Financial Aid Office
  2. Regularly check Pomona email/student portlet for information on named award from Offices of Donor Relations/Financial Aid (notice usually sent in Fall or early Spring semesters)
  3. Complete the Thank You Letter to the Donor for their generous financial support.