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Student Work Allotments

The Financial Aid Office awards students a work allotment at the start of each academic year, regardless of financial need. Students may print their Employment Eligibility Letter, as well as view their allotment and earnings-to-date, online at in the Financial Aid section of the Student Portal. Please refer to How to Access Your Student Employment Information on the Portal [pdf] for instructions.

When planning for your campus job, be sure to use our earnings calculator [xls] to estimate how much you will earn over the course of the semester or year.

Students who hold more than one job cannot receive an allotment increase, so please plan accordingly. Some exceptions do apply, but only those students who hold a pre-approved, "high need" position, such as Grader, Tutor, or Mentor.

Note: Your student work allotment is for the academic year only and does not apply to the summer break.

Allotment Increase Requests

The Office of Financial Aid will notify you and your supervisor(s) via email when you are within $300 of earning your annual allotment. Upon reaching your allotment, you will be terminated automatically within the College Payroll system. You and your supervisor(s) will receive an email notification of the termination. Prior to automatic termination, you may discuss with your campus employer whether additional funds are available to pay you wages in excess of your allotment. If funds are available in your employer's budget and your employer indicates that they need you to work additional hours, your employer will send an email to the Student Employment Coordinator to request an allotment increase.

If you are approved for an increase, you will be notified by email. If you exceed your allotment before an increase is approved and processed, and you are automatically terminated, you will need to be re-hired through Human Resources.

Please note that wages earned on campus during winter break are considered part of your total annual work study allotment. A work allotment increase for the winter break may be submitted by your supervisor prior to the break. Note: Your student work allotment is for the academic year only, and does not apply to the summer break.


** If you have any questions regarding the Student Employment program, please contact the Student Employment Coordinator at (909) 607-3867 or