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Student Employment FAQs

How many hours may I work each week?

Students are limited to a maximum of eighteen (18) hours of work per week while school is in session. During school vacations, such as winter break, the maximum number of hours is forty (40) per week. 

Overtime is not authorized. A student may not work more than five (5) hours without taking a half-hour meal break. A student may never work more than eight (8) hours in one day, or more than forty (40) hours in one week, including all jobs worked.

How do I earn a raise?

When you have worked two consecutive semesters in the same position, at the same pay rate, you may be eligible for a raise. However, supervisors determine whether students will be offered an increase in pay, based on individual performance and/or budgetary restrictions.

The Kronos web page will not load. Why not?

Not all web browsers are compatible with Kronos, such as Mozilla. Internet Explorer is the best browser for using Kronos.  If using Internet Explorer does not correct the problem, please refer to the next FAQ on this page.

I am not able to login to Kronos.  How do I resolve this?

Kronos operates on a Java platform, and all Java applets must be enabled for Kronos to work. If you are having problems loading Kronos, contact ITS for assistance with your browser settings.

Why can't I enter my hours into Kronos?

When you are hired, it may take up to two weeks before all your employment information is set up in the Kronos database. The Payroll department will notify you by email once your information is entered into Kronos. You may log hours worked starting with the date of your email notice from Payroll.  All hours worked prior to the email date must be logged on a green paper timesheet and submitted to your supervisor for approval.

When I select "search" in the transfer field, none of my jobs appear.

You may be viewing dates prior to your set up in Kronos. Please refer to the date you received your email notification from Payroll regarding your Kronos setup. If you cannot enter hours for dates following your setup in Kronos, please contact Payroll. Carol Thompson, the Payroll Manager, may be contacted at extension 71665; Lawrence Youhanna may be contacted at extension 73408; and Erica Mooyman at extension 75904.

May I change jobs?

You should give your supervisor two weeks notice if you wish to change jobs. You may change jobs mid-semester if necessary. Consult with your supervisor to discuss any changes.

Does the money I earn working on campus over winter break count toward my total work allotment allowance?

Yes. Both winter and spring break earnings count toward your work allotment. Speak with the supervisor your will work for over the break regarding an allotment increase equal to wages earned during this time.

What about the summer break?

Your student work allotment does not apply to the summer break.