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Alumni Outcomes

outcomes chart

Pomona College graduates go on to "bear their added riches" in a multitude of ways through diverse pursuits.  Highlights from Pomona surveys and other data sources illustrate some of these outcomes, including graduate and professional school and career pursuits.  


Life After College

Graduate and Professional School Trends (2013)

Comparative Career Outcomes (2009 Alumni Survey)

Where Do Grads Go? (Career Development Office)


Ph.D. Production

Studies of baccalaureate origins analyze doctoral degrees awarded in the United States.  Using public data from the National Science Foundation and the National Center for Education Statistics, these reports provide estimates of the success of Pomona College students in completing PhD degrees.  

Methodology and Limitations of Baccalaureate Origins Studies [pdf]

Baccalaureate Origins of PhD recipients (2001-2010), Top 150 Colleges and Universities [pdf]

Baccalaureate Origins of PhD recipients (1997-2006) by Race/Ethnicity, Selected Peers [pdf]

Doctorates Earned by Pomona College Graduates and Selected Peers (1994-2003) [pdf]

Doctorates Earned by Women in the Sciences (1994-2003) [pdf]