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Campus Climate and Diversity

Diversity is a fundamental resource that supports and facilitates the mission of Pomona College.  The diversity benchmarks are an annual compilation of data prepared for the President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity (PACD) to help the College plan for diversity and monitor its progress (campus login required).  The benchmarks are grounded in a holistic view of institutional diversity as integral to every aspect of college life.



Diveristy 2012-2013 [pdf]

Diversity 2011-2012

Diversity 2010-2011 

Diversity 2009-2010


Research on Campus Climate and Diversity

Interactional Diversity: Making the Most of a Diverse Learning Environment .  Findings from the 2010 Senior Survey.

Climate and community: Where do we go from here?:  Presentation on historical climate trends and interactional diversity at Pomona College (July 21, 2008.)

Campus Climate and Community for Students (Senior Surveys 2002-2006)