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Ombuds Roles and Functions

The Ombuds will:

  • listen to the visitor’s concerns, answer questions, and provide information and referrals to help them resolve your concern most effectively
  • offer the visitor an impartial perspective and clarify their work-related situation
  • provide the visitor an assessment of the issue, options for resolution and possible consequences
  • suggest ways to improve the visitor’s communication skills to attenuate and manage conflict more effectively
  • facilitate communications between individuals
  • provide feedback to visitors
  • provide feedback to campus leaders about systemic trends and issues of ongoing concern
  • refer visitors to appropriate offices for formal complaint resolution options
  • serve as a resource to committees that influence campus climate
  • track perceived issues and trends
  • make recommendations for institutional improvements

The Ombuds will not:

  • make decisions or findings of fact
  • establish, change, or set aside policies
  • offer legal advice
  • offer psychological counseling
  • participate in grievances or other formal processes
  • investigate complaints
  • serve as an agent of notice for the College
  • serve as an advocate for any individual or department