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Trail Report: Devil's Chair

February 3, 2013

Trip Leaders Micah Berman and Zan Gutowski headed outside to capitalize on a Sunday that most of us spent parked in front of our TVs watching football. The two lead a group to the Devil’s Chair, touted as one of “the most breathtaking natural landmarks in the region.” Berman reports “awesome freakin’ views” and superb company as highlights of the hike. Contrary to what the title of the destination would suggest, the group encountered more in the way of puppies and purported honeymooners on the trail than malevolent spirits, hell fire or fallen angels. In other good fortune, no group members were lost into the yawning canyons and cracks opened by the powerful rift action of the San Andreas and Punchbowl faults, though one can never be too careful when considering geologic forces. The group was met with some adversity as they got a late start and the hike took longer than expected. They were able to revive themselves with In-N-Out in order to complete a successful return from the desert expanses of Palmdale to the oasis of Claremont.

Berman cautions those who aim to replicate this trip that the trail is relatively easy, but includes more elevation change than described. The provided map is entirely lacking, and led to much confusion trying to find the trailhead. He advises, “just keep walking. Start out toward the mountains and curve around to the right…also, go here. It was cool, the air was fresh and the people kind.”


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