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OTL Leader Training

February 23, 2013

A solid contingent of current On-the-Loose leaders (read: almost all of them) led a brave group of newbies off into the hinterlands of Malibu. The purpose? To indoctrinate them as leaders of OTL, the raddest student organization found in these parts. Highlights included beach frolicking, dolphin appearances, night hiking, a collaborative jam session and sharing of top-secret club lore. The rookies learned crucial skills such as quesadilla prep, frisbee, knot tying and sunset-appreciating. Despite losing sleep and almost losing the tents to unexpected, fierce winds, spirits remained high. Current OTL leaders touted this trip as, “the best leader training ever.”

Three cheers for the new OTL leaders, the future of outdoors shenanigans is in your hands!


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