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Kelso Dunes Trip

March 1, 2013

Despite the alluring yet totally ambiguous title and trip description, Kelso Dunes was in fact the destination for trip leader Megan Farrell (PO’13) and her group fellow adventurers. The group reached the end of the sandy Kelso Dunes Road in the dark, after a foreseeably tardy departure from Claremont. A late moonrise left the surrounding desert-scape shrouded in darkness, allowing for prime stargazing. After some creative dinnertime problem-solving due to a faulty camp stove (read: cooking fajitas and cookies over a tumbleweed fire), the night got chilly and the group bundled up and hunkered down to watch the moonrise. Lulled to sleep by Farrell’s dramatic reading of Spooky Stories from the American Southwest, the group turned in early. Some people woke up for the sunrise, glowing faintly pink over the over the desert.

The next morning, the group packed up under bright blue skies to climb to the top of the 600 ft. tall dunes, a bizarre sand deposit rolling off into barren nothingness. Highlights included boogie boarding down the slopes, playing in the wind with a ribbon baton, rolling in sand, checking out the view, attempting to make the dunes “boom” and of course, more Spooky Stories. Tips for future adventurers: bring warm clothes as the nights are cold, boogie boards are a hit, check your stove, and climbing the dune is much more strenuous than one might think…like really, really difficult.


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