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Working at the QRC

Current Positions

5C Undergraduate Student Staff

Undergraduate students at the 5Cs can serve their LGBTQQIAA community in staff positions at the QRC. The QRC will be hiring for the 2015 -2016 school year this February. Be on the lookout for applications going out this December! Every person applying to work as an undergraduate student staffer will receive an interview with the current QRC staff members.  After the first round of interviews, select candidates will be asked to come in for a second interview with the QRC Director and Program Coordinator. The first round of interviews will be scheduled for the middle of February starting on Monday the 16th, so start planning ahead!

In the meantime, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. You can check out campus groups, the LEGS Program, or QQAMP by following the links. Or feel free to stop by The QRC just to hang out or during any of our events!

For specific questions regarding the hiring of undergraduate student staff, please contact the hiring committee via the QRC email.

QRC Graduate Assistant

Graduate students at the 7Cs can serve their LGBTQQIAA community through work study at the QRC. While the QRC is not currently hiring for this position be on the lookout for job postings in the future.

Volunteer at the QRC

While we have only a limited number of paid positions at the center, the QRC is happy for the help of volunteers! One way of getting involved on campus is to become a member of QQAMP. Another is to put your name on our list of volunteers for large events and community service projects. Just email the QRC, let us know you’d like to volunteer and what types of events you are interested in helping out with. When our service projects or big events come up, you’ll get an email from our volunteer coordinator with information about specific volunteer opportunities.