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Biography & Autobiography Books

Aarons, Leroy Prayers for Bobby
Abbott, Shirley Womenfolks
Albo, Mike Hornito
Alexander, Paul Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Allison, Dorothy Skin
Alpert, Harriet ed. We are Everywhere
Anderson, Christopher Madonna
Arnold, Roseanne My Life
Arnold, Roseanne My Lives
Ascher, Barbara Lazear Landscape Without Gravity
Bailey, Paul An Immaculate Mistake
Bechdel, Alison Fun Home
Bellini, Paul; Thompson, Scott Buddy Babylon
Bernhard, Sandra Love, Love, and Love
Boyd, Malcolm Take off the Masks
Boyd, Malcolm Take off the Masks
Brown, Howard Familiar Faces, Hidden Lives: The Story of Homosexual Men in America Today
Bucknell, Katherine ed. Christopher Isherwood Diaries
Chase, Clifford The Hurry-Up Song: A Memoir of Losing My Brother
Cheever, Benjamin ed The Letters of John Cheever
Clark, Colin The Prince, the Showgirl, and Me
Clausen, Jan Apples and Oranges
Colapinto, John As Nature Made Him
County, Jayne Man Enough to be Women
Crisp, Quentin Resident Alien: The New York Diaries
D'Emilio, John Lost Prophet
Dew, Robb Forman The Family Heart
Doty, Mark Firebird
Doty, Mark Heaven's Coast
Duberman, Martin Cures
Duberman, Martin Cures: A Gay Man's Odyssey
Duberman, Martin Midlife Queer
Ebensten, Hanns Volleyball with the Cuna Indians
Eighner, Lars Travels with Lizbeth
Ford, Michael Thomas Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me
Ford, Michael Thomas It's Not Mean if it's True
Fricke, Aaron Reflections of a Rock Lobster
Fry, Stephen Moab is my Washpot
Gingrich, Candace The Accidental Activist
Glaset, Chris Uncommon Calling
Gomes, Jewelle Forty-Three Septembers
Green, Joey The Partridge Family Album
Grumbach, Doris Fifty Days of Solitude
Hart, Ellen Louise Ellen; Smith, Martha Nell ed. Open Me Carefully
Helms, Alan Young Man from the Provinces
Holleran, Andrew Ground Zero
Jarman, Derek At Your Own Risk
Kantrowitz, Arnie Under the Rainbow: Growing up Gay
Kaplan, Justin Walt Whitman
Kates, Gary Monsieur d'Eon is a Homan
Katz, Donald Home Fires
Katz, Donald Home Fires
Kessler, Judy Inside People: The Stories Behind the Stories
Klein, Michael Track Conditions
Koestenbaum, Wayne The Queen's Throat: Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire
Kort, Michele Soul Picnic
Kramer, Larry Reports for the Holocaust
Lane, Michael Pink Highways
Leavitt, David; Mitchell, Mark In Maremma: Life and a House in Southbern Tuscany
Legare, Jill Enter Me: a Lesbian Memoir
Lorde, Audre Zami: A New Spelling of my Name
Louganis, Greg Breaking the Surface
Mapplethorpe, Robert; Rimbaud Arthur A Season in Hell
Matousek, Mark The Boy he Left Behind
Matousek, Mark Sex Death Enlightenment
McGowan, Jeffrey Major Conflict
Mcnaught, Brian On Being Gay
Miller, Robert Keith Oscar Wilde
Miller, Tim Shirts and Skin
Mixner, David Stranger Among Friends
Monette, Paul Becoming a Man: Half a life Story
Monette, Paul Borrowed Time: an AIDS Memoir
Morrison, James Broken Fever Reflections of Gay Boyhood
Nasour, Ellis Honky Tonk Angel: The intimate story of Patsy Cline
Nassour, Ellis Patsy Cline
Norse, Harold Memoirs of a Bastard Angel
Pallone, Dave Behind the Mask
Pallone, Dave Behind the Mask
Paul, Ru Lettin It All Hang Out
Peck, Scott All-American Boy
Peck, Scott All America Boy
Picano, Felice A House on the Ocean, a House on the Bay
Preston, John A Member of the Family
Preston, John ed. Friends and Lovers
Preston, John ed. Hometowns
Preston, John ed. Hometowns
Preston, John ed. Winter's Light
Reed, Paul The Savage Garden
Rist, Darrell Yates Heartland
Rofes, Eric Socrates, Plato, and Guys Like Me
Roscoe, Will The Zuni Man-Women
Ross, Diana Secrets of a Sparrow
Schmidgali, Gary Walt Whitman: A Gay Life
Scholder, Amy In the Shadow of the American Dream: The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz
Shilts, Randy The Major of Castro Street
Shilts, Randy The Mayor of Castro Street
Smith, Bob Openly Bob
Smith, Bob Way To Go, Smith
Spender, Stephen World Within World
Starr, Victoria K.D. Lang
Starr, Victoria K.D. Lang: All You Get is Me
Sterry, David Henry Chicken
Stone, Elizabeth A Boy I Once Knew
Stuart, Otis Perpetual Motion
Tobler, John ABBA Gold
Vilanch, Bruce Bruce!
Weinstein, Arnold What Did I Do
Whitaker, Rick Assuming a Position
White, Edmund; Sorin, Hubert Our Paris
Whitehead, Sally lowe The Truth Shall Set You Free
Zuniga, Jose Soldier of the Year