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Fiction Books

Abrams, M. H. ed. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Volume 1
Aldyne, Nathan Cobalt
Aldyne, Nathan Vermilion
Aldyne, Nathan Slate
Allison, Dorothy Bastard out of Carolina
Almeddine, Rabih Koolaids
Ames, Jonathan The Extra Man
Ames, Jonathan I Pass like Night
Andros, David My Brother, My Self
Arenas, Reinaldo The Color of Summer
Avena, Thomas Life Sentences
Baldwin, James Giovanni's Room
Banks, Russell Affliction
Bannon, Ann Beebo Brinker
Bantle, Lee Diving for the Moon
Barker, Pat The Eye in the Door
Barnard, Mary Sappho
Barnes, Junta Nightwood
Barr, James Quatrefoil
Barr, James Quatrefoil
Bartlett, Neil Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall
Baxt, George A Queer Kind of Umbrella
Baxt, George A Queer Kind of Love
Bayard, Louis Fool's Errand
Bayard, Louis Endanqered Species
Beam, Cris Transparent
Begley, Louis As Max Saw It
Benard, Robert A Catholic Education
Benderson, Bruce User
Bergman, David ed Men on Men 5
Bills, Greg Consider this Home
Bishop, Michael Unicorn Mountain
Blanton, David ed. Queer Notions
Block, Francesca Lia Violet and Claire
Block, Francesca Lia The Rose and the Beast
Block, Francesca Lia Baby Be-Bop
Block, Francesca Lia Girl Goddess #9
Blum, Louise A. Amnesty
Boggs, Thomas Tokyo Vanilla
Borgman, C.F. River Road
Bourjaily, Vance Old Soldier
Boyd, Blanche Terminal Velocity
Boyle, Kay Gentlemen, I address you Privately
Braithwaite, Lawrence Ratz and Nice
Bram, Christopher Father of Frankenstein
Bram, Christopher Gossop
Bram, Christopher The Notorious Dr. August
Bram, Christopher Surprising Myself
Breedlove, Lynn Godspeed
Bridgforth, Sharon The Bull-Jean Stories
Brite, Poppyz Drawing Blood
Brown, Rita Mae High Hearts
Brown, Rita Mae Sudden Death
Brown, Rita Mae Claws and Effects
Brown, Rita Mae Alma Mater
Brown, Rita Mae Bingo
Brown, Rita Mae Venus Envy
Brownrigg, Sylvia Pages for You
Bukowski, Charles Hot Water Music
Burroughs, William S. The Place of Dead Roads
Burroughs, William S. Queer
Burroughs, William S. Queer
Busch, Charles Whores of Lost Atlantis
Busi, Aldo Seminar on Youth
Butler, Octavia Wild Seed
Cadora, Karen Stardust Bound
Califa, Pat introduction Forbidden Passages: Writings Banned in Canada
Cameron, Lindsley The Prospect of Detachment
Cameron, Peter The Half You Don't Know
Cameron, Peter The Weekend
Campbell, Scott Touched
Carlisle, Andrea The Riverhouse Stories
Carpenter, Edward Selected Writings Volume 1: Sex
Carr, Carrie Something to be Thankful For
Cart, Michael My Father's Scar
Cashorali, Peter Fairy Tales
Cassady, Marsh Alternate Casts
Chabon, Michael The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
Chadwick, Cynn Cat Rising
Champagne, John When the Parrot Boy Sings
Champagne, John The Blue Lady's Hands
Christensen, Kate Jeremy Thrane
Christian, Paula Twilight Girls
Clark, David Aaron Sister Radiance
Coe, Christopher Such Times
Coe, Christopher I Look Divine
Conn, Nicole Passion's Shadow
Cooke, John Peyton The Chimney Sweeper
Cooke, John Peyton Torsos
Cooney, Ellen The White Palazzo
Cooper, Bernard The Year of Rhymes
Cooper, Bernard Guess Again
Cooper, Dennis Try
Cooper, Dennis Wrong
Cooper, Melrose Life Magic
Coupland, Douglas Genderation X
Cruse, Howard Stuck Rubber Baby
Crutcher, Chris Athletic Shorts
Crutcher, Chris Ironman
Cumming, Alan Tommy's Tale
Cunningham, Michael Flesh and Blood
Currier, Jameson Where the Rainbow Ends
Curtis, Craig Fabulous Hell
D'Allesandro, Sam The Zombie Pit
Davis, Christopher Valley of the Shadow
Davis, Christopher Joseph and the Old Man
Davis, Christopher The Boys in the Bars
Davis, Deborah My Brother has Aids
Davy, Ross Kenzo: A Tokyo Story
Denisoff, Dennis ed. Queeries
Denison, Lyn The Ivild One
Dixon, Melvin Vanishing Room
Donnelly, Nisa The Love Songs of Phoenix Bay
Donoghue, Emma Hood
Donoghue, Emma Landing
Donoghue, Emma Stir-Fry
Donovan, Stacey Dive
Donovan, Stacey Dive
Douglas, Lauren The Always Anonymous Beast
Downing, Michael Breakfast with Scot
Drake, Robert The Man: A Hero for our Time
Drake, Robert The Man
Dreher, Sarah Stoner McTavish
Dreher, Sarah Gray Magic
Dreher, Sarah Shaman's Moon
Dreher, Sarah Other World
Drury, Joan Closed in Silence
Dulechan, Larry Captain Swing
Duplechan, Larry Blackbird
Duplechan, Larry Eight Days a Week
Duplechan, Larry Tangled up in Blue
Dymmoch, Michael Allen The Man who Understood Cats
Eugenides, Jeffrey Middlesex
Everett, Rupert Hello Darling, are you Working?
Feinberg, David B. Queer and Loathing
Feinberg, David B. Spontaneous Combustion
Feinberg, David B. Eighty-Sixed
Feinberg, David B. Eighty-Sixed
Feinberg, David B. Eighty-sixed
Feinberg, Leslie Stone Butch Blues
Fennelly, Tony Don't Blame the Snake
Fennelly, Tony The Closet Hanging
Fennelly, Tony Kiss Yourself Goodbye
Ferrell, Anderson Home for the Day
Ferro, Robert The Blue Star
Ferro, Robert Second Son
Fisher, Gary Gary in your Pocket
Flesh, Henry Michael
Foote, Horton The Young Man from Atlanta
Forbes, Edith Alma Rose
Forbes, Edith Alma Rose
Ford, Charles; Parker, Tyler The Young and Evil
Forrest, Katherine V. Apparition Alley
Forrest, Katherine V. Daughters of a Coral Dawn
Forrest, Katherine V. Daughters of an Amer Noon
Forrest, Katherine V. Liberty Squares
Forrest, Katherine V. Murder at the Nightwood Bar
Forrest, Katherine V. Murder by Tradition
Forrest, Katherine V. Sleeping Bones
Forrest, Katherine V. The Bevery Malibu
Forster, E. M. Maurice
Forster, E. M. Maurice
Frank, Judith Crybaby Butch
Fricke, Aaron Reflections of a Rock Lobster
Friedel, Richard The Movie Lover
Friedel, Richard The Movie Lover
Fritscher, Jack Sweet Embraceable You
Froscher, Jon The Woodstock Murders
Gadol, Peter Coyote
Gaines, Ernest J. A Lesson Before Dying
Gale, Patrick Aerodynamics of Pork
Gale, Patrick Ease
Gale, Patrick Facing the Tank
Gale, Patrick Kansas in August
Gale, Patrick Little Bits of Baby
Galford, Ellen The Dyke and the Dybbuk
Galloway, David Lamaar Ranson
Gambone, Philip The Language We Use Up Here
Garber, Eric; Gomez, Jewelle Swords of the Rainbow
Garden, Nancy The Year They Burned the Books
Gluck, Robert Advance Uncorrected Proofs
Gluck, Robert Jack the Modernist
Gluck, Robert Margery Kempe
Golding, Michael Simple Prayers
Gomez-Arcos, Austin The Carivorous Lamb
Gomez-Vega, Ibis Send My Roots Rain
Gooch, Brad The Golden Age of Promiscuity
Gooch, Brad Scary Kisses
Grae, Camarin Paz
Grae, Camarin The Winged Dance
Granit, Robert Another Runner in the Night
Grazer, Gigi Levangie Rescue Me
Griffin, Sean Tinker Belles and Evil Queens
Griffith,Nicola Always
Grimsley, Jim Dream Boy
Grimsley, Jim My Drowing
Grimsley, Jim Boulevard
Grumley, Michael Life Drawing
Guibert, Herve The Compassion Protocol
Guinan, Doug California Screaming
Gurganus, Allan The Practical Heart
Gurganus, Allan White People
Hall, Radclyffe The Well of Loneliness
Hansen, Joseph A Country of Old Men
Hansen, Joseph Backtrack
Hansen, Joseph Blood, Snow, & Classic Cars
Hansen, Joseph Bohannon's Book
Hansen, Joseph Bohannon's Country
Hansen, Joseph Death Claims
Hansen, Joseph Early Graves
Hansen, Joseph Fadeout
Hansen, Joseph Grave Digger
Hansen, Joseph Jack of Hearts
Hansen, Joseph Job's Year
Hansen, Joseph Living UpstairS
Hansen, Joseph Nightwork
Hansen, Joseph Obedience
Hansen, Joseph Skinflick
Hansen, Joseph Step Going Down
Hansen, Joseph The Boy Who Was Burned This Morning
Hansen, Joseph The Little Dog Laughed
Hansen, Joseph The Man Everybody was Afraid of
Hansen, Joseph Troublemakes
Harris, E. Lynn Invisible Life
Hart, Ellen Stage Fright
Harvey, Andrew Burning Houses
Harvie, Ron Men Working
Healey, Trebor Bright Colors
Heihard, Ben Hey Joe
Heim, Scott In Awe
Hemphill, Essex Brother to Brother
Henderspm, Patty Tangled and Dark
Hensley, Dennis Misadventures in the 213
Herlihy,James Leo Midnight Cowboy
Hersey, John Key West Tales
Highsmith, Patricia The Price of Salt
Hillsberg, Keif War Boy
Holleran, Andrew Ground Zero
Holleran, Andrew In September
Holleran, Andrew The Beauty of Man
Hollinghurst, Alan The Folding Star
Hollinghurst, Alan The Folding Star
Hollinghurst, Alan The Swimming Pool Library
Homes, A.M. The Safety of Objects
Homes, A.M. Jack
Horowitz, Gene Privates
Howard, Larry The Lions' Den
Howe, James Totally Joe
Hughes, Holly Clit Notes
Hunter, M.S. The Buccaneer
Hunter, M.S. The Final Bell
Hunter, M.S. The Final Bell
Huston, Bo Horse and Other Stories
Huston, Bo Remember Me
Huston, Bo The Listener
Imus, Don God's Other Son
Indiana, Gary Rent Boy
James, Henry The Bostonian
Jeffers, Alex Safe as House
Johnson, Bett Reece The Woman who Knew too Much
Johnson, Bett Reece The Woman Who Found Grace
Johnson, Fenton Crossing the River
Johnson, Greg Sticky Kisses
Johnson, Toby Plague
Joy, Camden Boy Island
Juan, Angel Missing
Kay, Kackie Trumpet
Kenan, Randall Let the Dead Bury their Dead
Kerr, M.E. Night Kites
Kerr, M.E. "Hello," I Lied
Ketchum, Liza Blue Coyote
Killian, Kevin Bedrooms Have Windows
King, Francis The Firewalkers
Klein, Adams The Medicine Burns
Kluger, Steve Almost Like Being in Love
Kluger, Steve Changing Pitches
Kobayashi, Tamai;Oikawa, Mona All Names Spoken
Koestenbaum, Wayne The Queen's Throat
Kondolean, Harry Diary of a Lost Boy
Kramer, Larry Faggots
Kraus, Krandall The President's Son
Kushner, Tony A Bright Room Called Day
Kushner, Tony Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches
Kushner, Tony Angles in America Part Two: Perestroika
Laidlaw, Marc Dad's Nuke
Larson, Rodger What I Know Now
Latzky, Eric Three Views for Vertical Cliffs
Lau, Evelyn other women: a novel
Laverty,Bernard Mac A Time to Dance
Lazar, Zachary Aaron, Approximately
Leavitt, David While England Sleeps
Leavitt, David The Lost Language of Cranes
Leavitt, David Equal Affections
Leavitt, David A Place I've Never Been
Leddick, David The Sex Squad
Lee, Johann S. Peculiar Chris
Leffland, Ella Last Courtesies
Lemon, Brendan Last Night
Leventhal, Stan Moutain Climbing in Sheridan Square
Leventhal, Stan The Black Marble Pool
Leventhal, Stan Fault Lines
Levithan, David Boy Meets Boys
Levy, E. J. ed Tasting Life Twice
Linmark, R.Framora Rolling the R's
Lopez, Erika Flaming Iguanas
Lordon, Randye Brotherly Love
Louie, David Wong Pangs of Love
Mackay, John Henry The Hustler
Maddison, Lauren Epitaph for a Angel
Maney, Mabel The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse
Manley, Joey The Death of Donna-May Dean
Mann, Klaus The Pious Dance
Mann, thomas Death in Venice: and Seven Other Stories
Mann, William J. The Men fro the Boys
Manriqu, Jaime Latin Moon in Manhattan
Manthorne, Jackie Ghost Motel
Marcy, Jean Cenetery Murders
Marcy, Jean Dead and Blonde
Marcy, Jean Mommy Dearest
Marlowe, christopher Edward the Second
Martin, Marianne Never Ending
Martinac, Paula Out of Time
Martinac, Paula; Tomasco, Carla Voyages Out 1
Mastbaum, Blair Clay's Way
Mathiessen, Peter Men's Lives
Maupin, Armistead More Tales of the City
Maupin, Armistead The Night Listener
McCabe, Patrick Breakfast on Pluto
McCarrol, Tolbert Childson, Monksong
McCauley, Stephen True Enough
McCauley, Stephen The Man of the House
McCauley, Stephen The Easy Way Out
McClellan, James Chimney Rock Blues
McCloy, Kristin Some Girls
McCloy, Kristin Some Girls
McConnell, David The Firebrat
McConnell, Vicki The Burnton Widows
McCourt, James Time Remaining
McDermid, Val Report for Murder
McDermid, Val Booked for Murder
McDermid, Val Hostage to Murder
McDermid, Val A Place of Execution
McGehee, Peter Sweetheart
McGehee, Peter Beyond Happiness
McGehee, Peter Boys Like Use
McLaughlin, Christian Glamourpuss
McLaughlin, Christian Sex Toys of the Golds
McMahan, Jeffrey N. Somewhere in the Night
McMahan, Jeffrey N. Vampires Anonymous
McNab, Claire Accidental Murder
McVay, Daniel The Vanilla Kid
Merlis, mark American Studies
Michaels, Grant Time to Check Out
Michaels, Grant Dead on Your Feet
Michaels, Grant Dead as a Doornail
Michener, marian Three Glasses of Wine (have been removed from this story)
Miller, Isabel Patience and Sarah
Mitchell, Larry My Life as a Mole
Monette, Paul Halfway Home
Monette, Paul Afterlife
Monette, Paul The Long Shot
Monette, Paul Sanctuary
Monette, Paul Midnight Run
Monette, Paul The Gold Diggers
Monette, Paul Light Fall
Moore, Madeline As You Desire
Moraga, Cherrie L. Loving in the War Years
Moraga, Cherrie L. Her
Mordden, Ethan Buddies
Mordden, Ethan Buddies
Mordden, Ethan Everyone Loves You
Mordden, Ethan How Long Las the Been Going On?
Mordden, Ethan I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Mordden, Ethan Some Men are Lookers
Mordden, Ethan The Venice Adriana
Mordden, Ethan waves: An Anthology of New Gay Fiction
Morrison, Toni Beloved
Mosca, Frank All-American boys
Musto, Michael Manhattan on the Rocks
Myles, Eileen chelsea girls
Nava, Michael Rag and Bone
Nava, Michael The Death of Friends
Nava, Michael The Burning Plan
Nava, Michael How Town
Navarre, Yves Sweet Tooth
Neihart, Ben Buring Girl
Nelson, Theresa Eathshine
Nestle, Joan; Holoch, Naomi ed. Women on Women
Newman, Leslea The Boy Who Cried Fabulous
Newport, Chris Sparks Might Fly
O'Donnell, Mark Let Noth-ing you Dis-may
O'Donnell, Mark Getting Over Homer
Ohio, Denise The Finer Grain
Ohio, Denise The Finer Grain
Oliver, Jim Closing Distance
Olshan, Joseph Vanitas
Olshan, Joseph A Warmer Season
Olshan, Joseph Nightswimer
O'Neil, Jamie At Swim Two Boys
O'Neil, Jamie Sex with God
Orton, Joe Head to Toe
Osborn, Christpher A Sense of Touch
Packer, Vin Spring Fire
Palahniuk, Chuck Invisible Monsters
Park, Jacquelyn A Stone Gone Mad
Park, Jacquelyn A stone Gone Mad
Parker, Canaan The Color of Trees
Parks-Satterfield, Deb Contents Under Pressure
Pasoline, Pier Paolo Petrolio
Patrick, Robert Untold Decades
Peck, Dale Martin and John
Peters, Julie Anne Luna
Picano, Felice Looking Glass Lives
Picano, Felice Men Who LOved Me: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel
Picano, Felice Like People in History
Picano, Felice Late in Season
Picano, Felice House of Cards
Picano, Felice Dryland's End
Pilcher, Darryl Certain Voices
Pintauro, Joseph Cold Hands
Plante, David Annunciation
Plante, David The Catholic
Plato The Symposium
Portillo, Tina Dykescapes
Prantera, Amanda Conversation with Lord Byron on Perversion, 163 Years after His Lordship's Death
Price, Reynolds The Promise of Rest
Purdy, James In the Hollow of his Hand
Purdy, James The Candles Of Your Eyes
Purdy, James Mourners Below
Purdy, James Malcolm
Quinn, Eric Shaw Say Uncle
Quinn, Jay Metes and Bounds
Radclyfe Shield of Justice
Radclyfe The Lonely Hearts Club
Rader, Dotson Gov't Inspected Meat and Other Fun Summer Things
Raphael, Lev Burning Down the House
Raphael, Lev The Death of a Constant Lover
Raphael, Lev Let's Get Criminal
Raphael, Lev The German Money
Raphael, Lev Dancing on Tisha Bay
Raphael, Lev Little Miss Evil
Rashid, Ian Iqbal Black Market White Boyfriend
Ratti, Rakesh A Lotus of Another Colore
Rayfiel, Thomas Split Levels
Rayfiel, Thomas Split Levels
Rechy, John Marilyn's Daughter
Rechy, John City of Night
Rechy, John Numbers
Redmann, J.M. Lost Daughters
Redmann, J.M. Death by the Riverside
Redmann, J.M. The Intersection of Law and Desire
Reed, Gary Pryor Rendering
Reed, Gary Sex with Strangers
Reid, John The Best Little Boy in the World
Reidinger, Paul The Best Man
Rettenmund, Matthew Blind Item
Rettenmund, Matthew Boy Culture
Revoyr, Nina Southland
Rice, Anne Interview with the Vampire
Richardson, Tracey The Candidate
Rickard, Hannah Guarded Hearts
Riddle, Dean Out int Garden
Ridpath, Michael Free to Trade
Rimbaug, Arthur A Season in Hell
Robers, Jenny Needlepoint
Robers, Jenny Dead Reckoning
Rodi, Robert Closet Case
Rodi, Robert Fag Hag
Rodi, Robert Drag Queen
Rodi, Robert What they did to Princess Paragon
Roditi, Edouard The Delight of Turkey
Rose, Odessa Water in a Broken Glass
Rosen, Rob Sparkle
Rowell, John The Music of Your Life
Rower, Ann Lee and Elaine
Rudin, Marty The Boiling Frog Syndrome
Rudnick, Paul Jeffrey
Rule, Jane Desert of the Heart
Russell, Paul Sea of Tranquility
Russell, Paul The Salt Point
Ryan, Sara The Rule of the Heart
Saba, Umberto Ernesto
Sadownick, Douglas Sacred Lips of the Bronx
Sakers, Don Act Well Your Part
Salvatore, Diane Benediction
Salvatore, Diane Paxton Court
Sanchez, Alex Rainbow Boys
Sapphire American Dreams
Savage, Dan Skipping Towards Gomorrah
Schecter, Martin Two Halves of New Haven
Schiefebein, Michael Vampire View
Schulman, Sarah Shimmer
Schulman, Sarah Girls Visions and Everything
Schulman, Sarah Bohemia, Rat
Schulman, Sarah Girls, Visions, and Everything
Schulman, Sarah People in Trouble
Sedaris, David Me Talk Pretty One Day
Sedaris, David Naked
Self, Will Cock and Bull
Sennett, Richard The Frog who Dared to Croak
Shannon, George Unlived Affections
Shaw, P.S. The Sepaphim Kill
Shyer, Marlene Fanta The Rainbow Kite
Siman, Ken Pizza Face
Simmons, Steven Body Blows
Sims, Elizabeth Holy Hell
Stadler, Matthew The Sex Offender
Stadler, Matthew The Sex Offender
Stadler, Matthew The Dissolution of Nicholas Dee
Stamolian, George Men on Men 4
Stein, Eugene Straitjacket and Tie
Stein, Gertrude Three Lives
Stevenson, Richard Shock to the System
Stevenson, Richard Tongue Tied
Stevenson, Richard On the Other Hand Death
Stevenson, Richard Ice Blues
Stevenson, Richard Death Trick
Stevenson, Richard Chain of Fools
Stollman, Aryeh Lev The Far Euphrates
Stone, Kyle The Initiation of PB 500
Stone, Sharon Love Letters
Swallow, Jean A Women Determined
Taylor, Jean We Know where you Live
Taylor, William The Blue Lawn
Tea, Michelle Valencia
Tea, Michelle The Chelsea Whistle
Tenault, Mary The Persian Boy
Tenault, Mary Fire from Heaven
Tenault, Mary The Last of the Wine
Tenault, Mary The Praise Singer
Third Man Out Strachey's Folly
Thornton, Lawrence Ghost Woman
Thurman, Wallace Infants of the Spring
Toder, Nancy Choices
Toibin, Colmn The Blackwater Lightship
Tomaso, Carla The House of Real Love
Torchia, Joseph The Kryptonite Kid
Torchia, Joseph As if After Sex
Townsend, Sue Rebuilding Conventry
Trevelyan, Julie; Brassart, Scott The Ghost of Carmen Miranda
Trevor, William Elizabeth Alone
Truong, Monique The Book of Salt
Tulchinsky, Karen X. ed. Friday the Rabbi Wore Lace
Verel, Shirley The Bee's Kiss
Verghese, Abraham My Own Country
Vidal, Gore The City and the Pillar
Vilmure, Daniel Life in the Land of the Living
Vilmure, Daniel Toby's Lie
Vogel, Bruno Alf
Vogel, Bruno Alf
Wagner, Jane The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
Wakefield, Tom Drifers
Wakefield, Tom Lot's Wife
Wakefield, Tom Mates
Wakefield, Tom The Discus Throwers
Wakefield, Tom The Love Siege
Wakefield, Tom The Scarlet Boy
Wakefield, Tom The Variety Artistes
Wakefield, Tom Trixie Trash Starascending
Walker, Alice The Color Purple
Walker, Kate Peter
Warren, Patricia Nell The Fancy Dancer
Warren, Patricia Nell The Front Runner
Warren, Patricia Nell The Front Runner
Washington, Jerome Iron House
Waters, Sarah Tipping the Velvet
Waters, Sarah Affinity
Waters, Sarah Fingersmith
Waters, Sarah The Night Watch
Watmough, David The Year of Fears
Watmough, David Vibrations in Time
Weathers, Brenda The House at Pelham Falls
Weathers, Carolyn; Wrenn, Jenny eds. In a Different Light
Webb, Cynthia No Daughter of the South
Wells, Jess After Shocks
Wells, Jess Two Willow Chairs
Weltner, Peter Indentity and Difference
Wersba, Barbara Whistle Me Home
Westmoreland, Joe Tramps Like Us
White, Edmund Caracole
White, Edmund State of Desire
White, Edmund skinned alive
White, Edmund The Beautiful Room is Empty
White, Edmund The Beautiful Room is Empty
Whitmore, George The Confessions of Danny Slocum or Gay Life in the Big City
Willcox, Colin Calculated Risk
Williams, Bett Girl Walking Backwards
Williams, Lee After Nirvana
Willis, Julia Reel Time
Wilson, Dough Labour of Love
Wilson, John Morgan Blindeye
Wilson, John Morgan The Limits of Justice
Wilson, John Morgan Justice at Risk
Wilson, John Morgan Revision of Justice
Wings, Mary Divine Victim
Wink, Marion Telling
Winterson, Jeanette The Passion
Winterson, Jeanette Sexing the Cherry
Winterson, Jeanette Oranges are not the Only Fruit
Wolff, Larry The Boys and Their Baby
Wolverton, Terry and Robert Drake Indivisible
Womack, Jack Random Acts of Senseless Violence
Wong, Norman Cultural Revolution
Woodcraft, Elizabeth Good Bad Woman
Woolf, Virginia Orlando
Woolf, Virginia Orlando
York, Rachel Chasing Lighting
Young, Robert Clark One of the Guys
Yourcenar, Marguerite Alexis
Zimmerman, R.D. Hostage
Zimmerman, R.D. Innuendo
Zimmerman, R.D. Outbust
Zubro, Mark Richard A Simple Suburban Murder
Zubro, Mark Richard An Echo of Death
Zubro, Mark Richard Another Dead Teenager
Zubro, Mark Richard Are You Nuts?
Zubro, Mark Richard Drop Dead
Zubro, Mark Richard File Under Dead
Zubro, Mark Richard Here Comes the Corpse
Zubro, Mark Richard One Dead Drag Queen
Zubro, Mark Richard Politcal Poison
Zubro, Mark Richard Rust on the Razor
Zubro, Mark Richard Sex and
Zubro, Mark Richard Sorry Now
Zubro, Mark Richard The Only Good Priest
Zubro, Mark Richard The Principal Cause of Death
Zubro, Mark Richard The Truth Can Get You Killed
Zubro, Mark Richard Why Isn't Twitchell Dead?