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Humor Books

Bechdel, Alison Dykes To Watch Out For
Bechdel, Alison More: Dykes to Watch Out For
Bechdel, Alison Post- Dykes To Watch Out For
Bechdel, Alison Split-Level: Dykes To Watch Outfor
Bentley, Kevin Boyfriend From Hell
Calabrese, Moragan Run That Sucker at Six
Cho, Margaret I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight
Cohen, Jaffe The King of Kings and I
Croland, David Drag Dolls
Cruse, Howard Wendel All Together
Di Massa, Diana The Complete Hothead Paisan
Dicksion, Rhonda Stay Tooned
Dilallo, Kevin; Krumholtz, Jack The Unoffical Gay Manual
Kinnard, Rupert B.B. and the Diva
Krell, Jeff Jayson
Lane, Michael; Crotty, Jim Mad Monks on the Road
Orleans, Ellen Can't Keep a Straight Face
Orner, Eric The Mostly Unfasbulous Social Life of Ethan Green
Tiber, Elliots Knock on Woodstock
Warren, Roz Dyke Strippers
Witomski, T.R. Kvetch