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Queers of Color books

Paula Gunn The Sacred Hoop
Carrier, Joseph De Los Otros
Cose, Ellis The Envy of the World
Cruz-Malava, Arnaldo/Manalansan, Martin Queer Globalization
Davis, Angela Women Race and Class
Elwin, Rosamund Tongues on Fire
Eng, David L./Hom, Alice Y. Queer in Asian America
Gracia, Jorge/De Greiff, Pablo Hispanics/Latinos in the Unites States
Hidalgo, Hilda Lesbians of Color
Jackson, Peter A./Sullivan, Gerard Lady Boys, Tom Boys, Rent Boys
Kulick, Don Travesti
Leong, Russell Asian American Sexualities
Lorde, Audre Sister Outsider
Melhuus, Marit/Stolen, Kristi Anne Machos,Mistresses, Madonnas
Moraga, Cherrie/Anzaldua, Gloria This Bridge Called My Back
Nanda, Serena Neither Man nor Women
Prashad, Vijay The Karma of Brown Folk
Rodriguez, Juana Queer Latinidad
Roscoe, Will Living the Spirit
Smith, Barbara The Truth that Never Hurt
Suro, Roberto Stranger Among Us
Tsang, Chi Witness Aloud
Walzer, Lee Queers of Color
West, Cornel Race Matters
William, Walter The Spirt and the Flesh