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National Coming Out Day

Click on the image to see the flyer for this event.

Writing Ourselves into Existence at NCOD 2013

National Coming Out Day

Check back in the Fall FMI about 2014 NCOD events!

National Coming Out Day is an internationally-observed human rights day devoted to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning folks and allies.  The day is about providing visibility to LGBTQQIAA individuals and promoting awareness of LGBTQQIAA issues. 

2013 NCOD Events

"Writing ourselves Into Existence:" Dinner & Workshop with Sinclair Sexsmith

Monday, October 7th, 2013 @ The QRC, PO

Students from across the 7Cs came to this interactive writing workshop and learned about the history of queer stories, what the queer story looks like, alternate forms of publishing such as chapbooks and blogs, and how to begin to form one's own queer story. Writing Ourselves Into Existence: Queer Stories  Traditional publishing through books, magazines, and literary journals have typically excluded gay stories, characters, revelations, and identity development. Navigating the world of literature can be extremely othering as a queer person attempting to write about queer lives, constantly being questioned for our cultural representations in writing. But Judy Shepard continues to say that coming out is the most important thing we can do, that indeed it is a political act, which encourages and advocates for visibility. Telling our stories is one way to make ourselves visible.

FMI about Mr. Sexsmith check out:

Sinclair Sexsmith Performance/Open-Mic

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 @ The Motley, SCR

Mr. Sexsmith read/performed several of their poems at The Motley Coffeehouse on Tuesday night, and stayed behind to sign books and talk with the audience. Participants from the workshop the night before also shared some of their poetry, and the mic was left open for all attendees to share their stories in creative expression.

2012 NCOD Events

"Two Spirits, One Heart" with Marsha Aizumi & Aiden Aizumi

Thursday, October 11, 2012 at Frank Dining Hall, PO

The QRC hosted a two-part event for 2012 NCOD. First, Marsha and Aiden facilitated parent and student discussions. Then, we came back together for a reading from Marsha's new book "Two Spirits, One Heart" followed by a Q&A with mother and son. This event was an amazing success! Thanks to all who participated. 

Two Spirits, One Heart is a mother's heartfelt memoir about the painful struggles of her oldest child who was born a female, but today he lives as a man. In this story of acceptance and ultimate redemption, Marsha Aizumi chronicles Aiden's journey to live as the man he was meant to be. Inspired by her son's courage, this mother shares her greatest fears, lingering guilt, and deepest sadness, which she struggled with, faced and continues to overcome in order to walk proudly by his side. Through her own journey she uncovered the activist within and her life's work... to help LGBT youth obtain their education in a nurturing and empowering educational environment. Marsha envisions every LGBT youth discovering their greatness and realizing their deepest hopes and dreams.

FMI check out

SPONSORED BY: The Queer Resource Center [QRC], The Asian-American Resource Center [AARC], The Office of Institutional Diversity at Harvey Mudd [OID], Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment Office [SCORE]

"I'm Coming Out"

Thursday, October 11th at 8:00 PM - Campus-wide!

In honor of National Coming Out Day on Thursday, October 11th, an internationally observed civil awareness day celebrating individuals who publicly identify as part of the queer or LGBTQQIPAA community, everyone and anyone on all of the campuses was encouraged to blast the classic Diana Ross song "I'm Coming Out" at 8:00pm (or anytime around it).

Thanks to all who participated and showed your Coming Out Day pride!

2011 NCOD Events

A week of events from Friday, October 7 – Thurs, October 13

  •     Coming Out Panel
  •     Painting Walker Wall
  •     Coming Out Tuesday Talk
  •     LGBT Faculty and Staff Wine & Cheese Reception
  •     WU Lunch: Coming Out Panel
  •     Gay/Bi Queer Men’s Social

2010 NCOD Events

National Coming Out Day - Saturday, October 9th

Painting the Walker Wall went really well and we all had a lot of fun!  For more pictures see our Facebook album.

GSA Queer Youth Summit - Sunday, October 10th

The summit included representatives from the GSA Network, local high school students involved in their GSA's, staff from the QRC and Claremont College students.  There were workshops and discussions which helped to nurture and support a relationship between the various levels of involvement in queer communities. 

Tuesday Talk Topic: "Coming out" - October 12

We dedicated this Tuesday Talk to coincide with National Coming Out Day and the students had a great time sharing coming out stories and supporting one another.