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Queer Groups at the Claremont Colleges

There are many groups for queer students across The Claremont Colleges. The LGBTQA groups listed on this page are not affiliated with the QRC. Severing different campus communities, these groups work together to build LGBTQ community as well as provide support and an inclusive space on their campuses. Queer leaders meet monthly with QRC leadership to discuss the month's events, opportunities for collaboration and ideas for upcoming projects.

Queer 5C Athletes

A group for LGBTQ Athletes of the 5Cs.

Meetings: see Facebook for details
Contact: Ellen Green PO '16
Facebook Group:

Queers of Faith

Queers of Faith is a 7C group for LGBTQAI students of faith. We are welcoming to students of all faiths or no particular faith backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Our main goal is to create a safe space to work through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that come from living as queer religious folk.

Meetings: The group meets on a biweekly basis on Thursdays at 6 pm in the McAlister Center.
Contact: Rabbi Daveen Litwin of the Chaplains' Office, (909) 621-8685, or QRC Program Coordinator Al Forbes

Q&A @ The AARC

The Q&A (Queer and Asian/Pacific Islander) committee aims to fulfill two main goals. First, to create safe and supportive spaces for queer, trans, and questioning API students at the Claremont Colleges. Second, to raise awareness around issues that sit at the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality by organizing events that we hope will engender discussion and inspire action.

Contact: Although Q&A is not active this semester, you may email The AARC FMI
Facebook page:

Rainbow People

Rainbow People is Pitzer's LGBTQQIAAP and everything in between and beyond club. Meetings rotate between facilitated discussions and club bonding activities. All meetings are open, but the first meeting of the month is specifically designated as "bring-a-friend" for new members.

Meetings: Mondays at 9 PM in the Grove House at Pitzer

Queer People of Color (QPOC)

The purpose of QPOC is to create a sense of community amongst queer people of color and to provide a safe space that fosters open discussion about the intersection of culture, gender, and sexuality. The aims of the club are to raise awareness about these issues within the Claremont Consortium through discussions on the subject, community events, social activities, and interaction with QPOC groups at other institutions.

Contact: although QPOC is not active this semester, you may email FMI
Facebook page:


"People Respecting Individuals' Sexualities at Mudd" is HMC's queer-straight alliance. Chartered by ASHMC in the fall of 1999, PRISM meetings provide a comfortable gathering place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, queer, questioning and straight students, faculty and staff to meet and discuss the LGBT experience here. The group works to make Harvey Mudd a place where all people are welcomed, safe and respected, regardless of their sexuality or gender.

Meetings: Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Hoch-Shanahan (open meetings)
Meeting blogspot (minutes):


The Alliance for Queer Understanding and Appreciation (AQUA) at Claremont McKenna
The purpose of AQUA is to provide a comfortable and safe space at CMC for queer people and allies to gather to discuss queer issues, including but not limited to: sexual assault/ harassment, economic discrimination, gay marriage and Proposition 8, Transphobia, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The club aims to publicizes and celebrates the contributions and achievements in the queer community and creates community building opportunities through discussion, events, and activities.

Meetings: Wednesday at 7 PM in Kravis LC63 at CMC (open meetings)
Facebook Page:


Family Queer/Straight Alliance Group Description at the Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment (SCORE) Office. Family strives to facilitate a space in which queer and allied students can come together to support one another and gain strength in community. Family proves a safe space for Scripps students of all gender identities and sexual orientations to come together and discuss, celebrate, support, and share issues and experiences of intersectionality and identity.

Meetings: Sundays @ 3:00 PM at the SCORE Office (Scripps only)
Contact: Tara Partow
Facebook Page:

Queer Graduate Union (QGU)

Due to popular demand QGU (The Queer Graduate Union) is back! QGU serves the LGBTQQIAA graduate student community at Keck Graduate Institute and Claremont Graduate University by putting on social events, helping to bring academic events with a queer focus to campus and by providing spaces for community. It is open to queer and allied graduate students from every dicipline.

Meetings: informal social events about 1x/month - join our facebook group FMI
Contact: Appy Frykenberg, the QRC Graduate Assistant FMI

The Alliance

OUR MOTTO: "Gender is a universe, and we are all stars."

The Alliance is a space for trans*, genderqueer, gender non-conforming and gender questioning people affiliated with the Claremont Colleges Consortium. The primary goal of the Alliance is to foster solidarity and community through weekly meetings where we talk, share, and listen to one another's experiences about gender non-conformity. Further goals include sustaining a visible trans* community, raising consciousness of gender diversity among the student body, and organizing for relevant political action. Anyone who considers themselves transgender, transsexual, gender neutral, genderless, bigender, genderqueer, is questioning their gender identity—or feels that their gender is explained by something else entirely—is welcome! In addition, we understand that gender often has a complex relationship with sexuality, class, religion, race and ability and other ways of being.

Meetings: Mondays at 7 PM at the QRC (with snacks!) to support one another in navigating a transphobic world