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Transitioning at Pomona


Pomona College has gender-neutral housing that is available after your first year. There are single rooms available for first-year students. Please contact Frank Bedoya, Sr. Associate Dean & Director of Housing and Operations to find an option that works for you. You may want to consider your roommate situation, whether you would prefer a single, and ultimately, what will make you most comfortable.

Name Change

We are very committed to working with transgender students to enable them to use preferred names at the College.  While your legal name cannot be changed except by court order, it is possible to have your preferred name appear on the class rosters that faculty use on My.Pomona, in the My.Pomona student directory, on the Sakai site,and in your email username.

To begin the process of changing to your preferred name please contact either Adriana di Bartolo at the Queer Resource Center or the Dean of Students Office, they will then forward the information to the Registrar’s Office.  The Registrar will arrange for your preferred name on the My.Pomona portal. While your transcript must reflect your legal name, the Registrar can add a note to your transcript referencing your preferred name while attending the College. The Registrar’s office will contact the IT department to request your email and Sakai username to be changed to your preferred name. The Registrar will also inform the alumni office and the mailroom of your preferred name. Please allow for two weeks to see the appropriate changes.

If you have any questions or issues with My.Pomona or class roster, please contact Margaret Adorno, Registrar.

If you have any issues or concerns with your new email username please contact Julie Journitz, Director of Client Services in the I.T. department.

If you have any issues or concerns with your new Sakai username please, contact Mary McMahon, Director of Instructional Services.

If you have any issues or concerns with your preferred name on your mailbox or you are not getting your mail, please contact Glenn Gillespie, Mail Services Coordinator.

If you have any issues or concerns with your preferred name in regards to emails and contact information from the Career Development Office, please contact Sarah L. Park, Associate Director of Experiential Programs and Employer Relations.

If you have any issues or questions regarding correspondence after graduation, please contact Craig Arteaga-Johnson ’96, Director of Alumni Relations.

Please be mindful that our names appear in many places, and the legal name is the default for the majority of records--so our efforts to support preferred names cannot be completely comprehensive without a legal name change. If you legally change your name, contact the registrar’s office; all College documents will then refer to your (new) legal name.