Our website is our primary tool for guiding you through the study abroad process. From applicant, to participant, to returnee, this is where you will find the information that you need. In this section you can get the Pomona Application and Secondary Application for study abroad, as well as learn about interviews that may be required as part of the application process; you can read about petitioning for a program, and mark all those deadlines on your calendar now.

You can also investigate health safety resources, plan ahead for the medical exam required of all study abroad participants, and check-up on the U.S. Department of State information about your country.

Finally, you should not make travel arrangements until after you have been accepted to study abroad and are a Study Abroad Participant. However, feel free to plan ahead and familiarize yourself with Pomona's Travel Information and links to Travel Resources and Time and Money Resources.

What Do I Need to Do Before I Apply?

All applicants are expected to have read the Policies & Procedures section of this website prior to completing an application. The Policies & Procedures section covers detailed information on the application and selection process, as well as on academic credit and fees for study abroad. Once you have decided which program you would like to apply for, this webpage will walk you through the application process for study abroad. Be sure and check out our FAQ's.

Programs that require an advising session:

Cape Town: Globalization, the Environment and Societies
Middlebury programs
Programs by Petition

Programs for which students must come to the OSA and pick up a packet:

Cape Town: Globalization, the Environment and Socities
UCL Molecular Biology
UCL Neuroscience

The Pomona Application

Before you download the Pomona Application you will be asked to complete the Intent to Apply Form. While it is not strictly binding, it is important for us to gauge the size of applicant pools for particular programs in any given semester. You may submit an application for one study abroad program only. Both the Pomona Application and Secondary Application, when applicable- as well as all supporting materials, such as photos and photocopies, are due by each application's appropriate deadline. Please visit the Pomona Application page on this site to download our application. See the instructions for obtaining the Secondary Application for your program below.

An optional form you may want to download and complete along with your Pomona application is the Preliminary Request for Major/Minor Credit. If you think you might want to receive major or minor credit abroad, take this form to your academic advisor for completion.

Preliminary Request for Major/Minor Credit [pdf] (optional)

The Secondary Application

Most study abroad program providers require their own application and therefore you will need to complete this in addition to the Pomona Application. Please visit the Secondary Applications page on this site to learn more. The secondary application and all its supporting materials such as photos and transcripts are due to the program provider by the provider's application deadline. For most programs, it is the student's responsibility to send the application to the program sponsor directly. The exceptions are: Athens, Cape Town-Globalization, Tokyo, UCL Molecular Biology, and UCL Neuroscience. Only completed applications will be accepted.

*Prague and Cambridge Applicants please note: a secondary application is NOT required for these programs.  Only the Pomona application is required (see above).

What Happens After I Submit My Application?

Study abroad is a two-step process. All Pomona Applications are reviewed by the Pomona College Study Abroad Committee (SAC) and applicants will be notified in writing about acceptance by the SAC. Additionally, applicants may require approval of their Secondary Application by a program provider. Applicants who are accepted to study abroad by Pomona College must return a signed Contract Letter and Release Agreement, approximately one week after notification. After applicants return both of those documents, they become study abroad Participants.