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Application Process


Students interested in going abroad apply for most programs in the semester preceding the term abroad. The Pomona Study Abroad Application is available on this website. The Pomona Application, along with the Secondary Program Sponsor Application (where necessary) must be submitted by each application's appropriate deadline. Some programs, such as Non-Pomona Programs, Middlebury Programs, Cambridge, Cape Town-Globalization, Jerusalem, and Oxford require an advising session with a member of the OSA prior to submitting an application.

Early Application by Students Leaving Campus

Students who will not be in Claremont during the semester preceding the proposed semester abroad should contact the OSA to make arrangements for completing the application process. Applications are due by the on-campus deadline; however, students are strongly encouraged to submit completed applications during the semester before leaving Claremont.

Program Information 

The OSA maintains files on each study abroad option, including evaluations by former participants, to help students select the program best suited to their needs and interests. A list of former participants who are willing to discuss their experiences is also available. After investigating the different programs, students may make an appointment with an OSA staff member to discuss specific questions.

Application Forms

In addition to Pomona College applications, most students will need to complete a Secondary Application required by their program sponsor (e.g., IES, Middlebury College, SIT, etc.). Students are responsible for obtaining and submitting the appropriate forms to the OSA and the program sponsor, when applicable, by the deadline.  Information on obtaining these applications is available in the Applicants section of the OSA website. Students applying to Cork, Edinburgh, London Neuroscience, or Tokyo need to stop by the OSA to pick up an application packet.

Some program sponsors provide students with the option of completing an application online. If you choose to complete an online application, we recommend that you download a paper copy for your file.


Students in selective applicant pools may be interviewed by a subcommittee appointed by the SAC. Students in such pools may be permitted to apply to an alternate program. The faculty member(s) will review the qualifications of the applicants, as well as their motivation for going abroad. The acceptance decision is made by the SAC, not the interviewing faculty member(s). Failure to appear for the scheduled interview will result in an evaluation based solely on the written application. Students who submit an early application for a subsequent semester and who are away from campus during the semester of application do not receive a faculty interview and will be evaluated on the merit of their written application.

Notification and Acceptance 

The OSA will notify students of the SAC’s decisions. Notification is mailed to the student’s campus address before fall break or spring vacation. SAC approval does not guarantee final acceptance to a study abroad program. Participation in the program is contingent upon approval by the program sponsor and continued good academic standing in the current semester. This includes satisfactory completion of all program prerequisite courses and related language courses.  In addition, students should maintain the GPA required for the program.

Accepted students must return a signed contract by the deadline specified in the acceptance letter, indicating their intent to participate. Students who do not return their contracts by the deadline may be removed from the list of study abroad participants. After the contract deadline, participation information and required forms will be available to students through the OSA website. It is important that students submit all required OSA forms and respond to all requests from the program sponsor in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in automatic withdrawal from the program.

Passports and Visas

Obtaining a passport and a visa is the responsibility of the student. A passport is obtained from the country of citizenship and the visa is obtained from the destination country. As of June 2007, processing passport applications now takes much longer due to an increase in demand. It now may take as much as four months to receive a passport. Students must have a passport at the time of application and submit a photocopy to the OSA with their study abroad application. Several programs require a passport copy as part of the application. Passports must be valid for six months after the overseas stay. If your parents plan to visit you during your time abroad and they do not currently have a passport, the OSA recommends parents apply for a passport at the same time as the student. Visas cannot be obtained without a passport. Visa applications and fees are the responsibility of the student.  Students may find information about obtaining a visa from the embassy of the country in which they plan to study, or from the U.S. State Department website: Students whose programs are sponsored by an outside organization also should consult with their program sponsor.

Study Abroad Orientation Meetings

The OSA organizes two mandatory orientation sessions toward the end of the semester: 1) a general orientation meeting covering Pomona’s study abroad procedures and policies, and 2) a program-specific meeting for Pomona Programs. Absences may be excused only because of conflicts with a scheduled course activity or because of participation in a varsity game. Students should submit a written request for an excused absence before the orientation session. Students with excused absences will receive a written make-up assignment from the OSA. Orientation Packets with program information are distributed at the program-specific meetings.

Other Claremont Colleges Students

Students from other Claremont Colleges may apply to some Pomona Programs. They may submit their home college’s study abroad application, and complete additional Pomona and/or program sponsor forms, if necessary. All other Pomona College procedures apply. Claremont Colleges students should submit an official transcript with the application.

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