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Brazil: Fortaleza

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Fortaleza Quick Facts

Langauge of Instruction
Spanish and Portuguese

Field of Study
Brazilian history, arts, anthropology, economic development, politics, religion, sociology, environmental issues, and Portuguese language.

Host Institution
School for International Training (SIT)


Fall semester: early September to mid-December
Spring semester: early March to mid-June

Faculty Liaison
Sid Lemelle

SIT: Social Justice and Sustainable Development

The School for International Training’s (SIT) Brazil Social Justice and Sustainable Development Program is based in Fortaleza, the modern seaside capital of the state of Ceará with a population of over 2 million people. Fortaleza is located in the northeast part of the country, Brazil’s most geographically and culturally diverse region.  While the dominant culture is European in origin, the majority of the Fortaleza's populace is African and indigenous. The program focuses on social movements and issues concerned with urban and rural development, poverty, human rights, and the African Diaspora in northeast Brazil.

Academic Program

The program begins with one week of orientation in Fortaleza. After the initial orientation, the following components of the academic program begin: Portuguese for Social and Developmental Studies (0.75 Pomona credit); Social Justice and Public Policy in Brazil and Race, Gender and Sustainable Development core seminars (0.75 Pomona credit each); Field Study Seminar (0.75 Pomona credits); and an Independent Study Project (ISP) (1.0 PO credit) which is supervised and evaluated by SIT faculty.

The program includes excursions in the state of Ceara, where it focuses on diverse urban and rural communities and compares regional responses to social injustice.

There is no P/NC option on this program.

Living Arrangements

Students live in a variety of accommodations, including homestays and hostels.

Number of Students

SIT enrolls approximately 15 – 20 students, selected from a national pool. 


  • One semester of Portuguese or two semesters of a college-level Romance language other than Portuguese required.
  • 7.5 GPA required.

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