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China: Hangzhou

Hangzhou Quick Facts

Language of Instruction
Mandarin Chinese

Fields of Study
Chinese language, Chinese area studies, Classical Chinese, literature, and Film.

Host Institutions
CET Academic Programs
Middlebury College
Zhejiang University of Technology

Double rooms with Chinese roommates

Program Dates
Spring semester: (includes winter term in Beijing) late December to late May

Faculty Liaison
Sharon Hou

Middlebury College

Hangzhou, known as the garden city for the unusual quantity and quality of its parks and greenery, is the capital of Zhejiang province.  Located just over 100 miles from Shanghai in eastern China, Hangzhou was China's capital during the Southern Song dynasty in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Today Hangzhou has approximately seven million inhabitants and is home to at least 20 universities, an important emerging technology industry, and temples, pagodas, gardens, and museums acclaimed throughout China and the world.  Beautiful West Lake, made famous in Chinese literature, offers a scenic respite from the activity of city life.  With few international students and abundant opportunities for cultural immersion, Hangzhou offers an ideal setting for the study of Chinese language and culture.

This program is designed specifically for advanced students of Chinese, who wish to attend an intensive language program, as well as pursue area studies courses taught in Chinese.  The program is offered through Middlebury College, working in conjunction with CET Academic Programs.

Academic Program

The program starts in Beijing, where students enroll in CET Academic Programs' January Term, a four-week intensive program for intermediate and advanced learners.  (This is a non-credit, preparatory course for the spring semester in Hangzhou.)

Middlebury's Hangzhou program consists of four courses: Hangzhou Studies (1.0 Pomona credit), One-on-One Tutorial (1.0 Pomona credit), and two electives (1.0 Pomona credit each). Middlebury may require some students to take Advanced Spoken Chinese (Everyday Chinese). All courses are conducted entirely in Chinese, and the program has a language pledge. In Lieu of an elective, qualified students may have the option to pursue a credit-bearing internship or to enroll in a course directly at the local university. 

There is no P/NC option on this program.

Living Arrangements

Students live in double rooms both in Beijing and Hangzhou with Chinese roommates.  Students typically eat breakfast and lunch on campus, and dinner in a local restaurant.  Pomona provides a meal allowance.

Number of Students

Middlebury College enrolls approximately 35-40 students. The host institution, the Zhejiang University of Technology enrolls approximately 15,000 students.


  • Completion of intermediate Mandarin (Chinese 51b), or the equivalent. Preference is given to students who take advanced Mandarin (Chinese 111a).
  • 9.0 GPA in Chinese, 9.0 GPA in student’s major, and 8.0 GPA overall.

Students are expected to complete a Chinese language course the semester prior to the term abroad.

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