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England: Oxford

Oxford Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Host Institutions
Lady Margaret Hall
St. Edmund Hall

Single rooms in college residences.

Program Dates
Year-long program: early October to mid-June. The academic year consists of three eight-week terms: Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity.

Faculty Liaison
Jonathan Wright

Lady Margaret Hall or St. Edmund Hall

Oxford is a city of 165,000, located in the county of Oxfordshire, an hour from London by bus or train. A bustling, lively university town, its streets are lined with colleges, shops, cafes, pubs, and bookstores. The city is also home to numerous factories, publishing houses, and technology and science businesses.The city is best known as the home of the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. The architecture of Oxford is impressive, with important and stunning buildings from every English architectural period. The city boasts beautiful parks and green spaces and attracts many international visitors and tourists.

The University was founded in the late 12th century. Over the centuries the number of colleges and halls has grown to 39. Currently there are over 21,000 students at Oxford, including 11,752 undergraduate and 9,621 graduate students. The University is ranked fifth in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings. Admission is highly selective; in 2011 there were over 17,000 applicants for 3,000 undergraduate places. It is very international, with faculty members from almost 100 different countries, and students from over 140 countries.

An advantage of studying at Oxford is the opportunity to enjoy a large international university while living in a small college community. Pomona has agreements with two Oxford colleges: Lady Margaret Hall and St. Edmund Hall. The colleges provide visiting students with academic programs, full library access, housing, meals, and social venues, and there are many opportunities to participate in activities such as sports, music, and drama.

Academic Program:

Each student will be assigned a Personal Tutor in his/her subject area, who assist in academic advising and organizing an academic program for the year. Students are taught in one-on-one tutorials or small groups. The tutorial is a distinctive feature of an Oxford education. Normally students meet once a week with their tutor (equivalent of a U.S. professor). To prepare for the meeting, students complete readings, write an essay, or prepare a problem set in advance. The tutor provides personalized feedback in the student's work and presents the next week's assignment.

Tutors use the Oxford system of numerical grading, and the host college translates these grades into the U.S. equivalent.

See college sections below for subjects available.

Lady Margaret Hall (LMH)    

Lady Margaret Hall was founded in 1878. It has 400 undergraduate and 180 graduate students. LMH is situated in North Oxford on a beautiful and quiet 12-acre site with a large garden extending to the river, yet it is only a 12 to 15 minute walk to the city center.

Subjects Offered: classics, ancient history, classical archaeology, economics, English, history, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, politics, international relations, and psychology.

St. Edmund Hall (Teddy Hall)

St. Edmund Hall was founded c. 1278. The college is centrally located off the High Street in Queen's Lane. The college describes itself as "a happy blend of the ancient and the modern." The library originally was the medieval church of St. Peter-in-the-East, and the front quadrangle dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The rest of the buildings are modern. The college has 400 undergraduate and 175 graduate students.

Subjects offered: biochemistry, chemistry, comparative literature, Czech/Slovak language and literature, earth sciences (geology), economics, English language and literature, film studies, French language and literature, German, history, history of art, mathematics, philosophy, politics, international relations, psychology, physics, and Russian language and literature.

Living Arrangements:

Students live in single rooms in college accommodation, some with en-suite bathrooms, and all with Internet connections. Meals are provided in the college dining halls, reported to be among the best among Oxford colleges.

Number of Students:

Oxford University enrolls a total of 21,000 students. Lady Margaret Hall and St. Edmund Hall each have 400 undergraduates and 175-180 graduate students. Visiting students come from the U.S. and countries around the world and are selected from a competitive pool.


Admission is highly competitive, especially in high demand subject areas such as English and History.

  • Completion of coursework in the academic subjects you wish to study at Oxford.
  • 11.10 GPA required.

Applicants should have a strong academic and extracurricular record, be capable of independent study, and be eager to engage fully in both academic and extracurricular activities in Oxford. 

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