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France: Montpellier

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Montpellier Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Fields of Study
French language, literature, humanities, and social sciences.

Host Institution
Université Paul Valéry (UPV)

Homestay, university residence hall, or apartment with program participants.

Program Dates
Fall semester: late August to mid-December.
Spring semester: early January to mid-May.

Faculty Liaison
Jack Abecassis

University of Minnesota: Integrated Studies

Located ten miles from the Mediterranean coast in southern France, Montpellier is a city of a quarter of a million inhabitants. In a city of developing academic, commercial, and technological fields, Montpellier retains the charm of centuries-old mansions, courtyards, and narrow shaded streets.

The administrative capital of Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier is steeped in Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance history. International theater, ballet, concerts, and museums add to the historic and cultural diversity of this regional center.

The program is sponsored by the Global Campus of the University of Minnesota (UM). The host institution, Université Paul Valéry (UPV) is one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Academic Program

Pomona students enroll in the University of Minnesota's Integrated Studies Program, and must register for a minimum of 15 semester credits to earn 4.0 Pomona course credits. 

Pomona students are required to enroll in:

French Grammar and Methodology (0.8 Pomona credits)
French Phonetics or Academic Writing (0.8 Pomona credits)
At least one integrated course with French students (0.8 Pomona credits each) taut at Paul Valéry.
Two other electives (0.8 Pomona credits each), chosen from liberal arts/humanities courses at Paul Valéry or from the Institute for Foreign Students. 

Pomona students may not enroll in university courses taught in English.

Living Arrangements

Students may choose from one of three housing options: living with a host family, living in a university residence hall, or living in an apartment shared with other students from the program. Dormitory and apartment space is limited. Homestays provide 2 meals/weekday and 3 meals/weekend day. Pomona provides a weekday lunch allowance. Dormitories and apartments do not include meals, but Pomona provides a meal allowance for self-catered meals.

Number of Students

University of Minnesota enrolls approximately 40 students, selected from a national pool. The Université Paul Valéry has approximately 19,000 students. 


  • Completion of an upper-division French course (100 level or higher), or equivalent. 
  • 9.0 GPA in French, 8.25 GPA overall.

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