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Germany: Berlin

Berlin Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Fields of Study
German language, contemporary German politics, German literature, German studies, art history, cinema, economics, history, gender studies, music history, philosophy, and sociology.

Host Institutions
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Freie Universität
Technische Universität
Institute for the International Education of Students (IES)

Live with Germans in homes and apartments.

Program Dates
Spring semester: early March to late July
Note:  Pomona chooses the spring semester because of the German academic calendar. The spring semester dates allow full participation in regular university courses. However, students with compelling academic reasons may apply for the fall, but their university course choices will be very limited since most fall courses run through February.

Faculty Liaison
Hans Jürg Rindisbacher

IES: Language and Area Studies

Few cities over recent years have been as much the center of international public interest as Berlin. With a population of three and a half million, Berlin is the largest and most cosmopolitan German city. Now that Germany is reunified, Berlin is once again the nation’s capital. It is a metropolis of the old central European style, filled with remarkable contrasts and an extensive cultural life in theater, music, and the visual arts.

Through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) and Humboldt University, Pomona participants on the Language and Area Studies program enroll in a mix of IES and university courses. The IES classes are designed for American students and are taught in German. Students may also choose from courses taught at Humboldt University. Located in the former East Berlin, Humboldt University was founded originally in 1810 as the University of Berlin. It has boasted such luminaries as philosophy professor Friedrich Hegel and students Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx.

Academic Program

Students are required by Pomona to take at least one 3.0-semester-credit university course and to take IES' advanced language course (1.0 Pomona course credit); highly advanced students may substitute a German literature course for the language course. For the remaining courses, students enroll in a combination of IES and university courses. Most students take an additional language course, Advanced Grammar and Usage, level I, II or III,  (3-4 semester hours).  Pomona grants 1.0 course credit for 4.0 semester credits, so students need to take enough courses to equal at least 16 semester credits for 4.0 Pomona course credits. Students may take only one course on a P/NC basis.

Living Arrangements

Students live with Germans in homes and apartments throughout the city. Pomona provides a meal allowance.

Number of Students

IES enrolls approximately 40–50 students, selected from a national pool. 


  • Completion of advanced German (German 44), or equivalent.
  • A language course must have been completed within one year prior to the start of the program.
  • 9.0 GPA.

Priority is given to students who will have taken German during the semester preceding their anticipated study in Germany.

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