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Hungary: Budapest-AIT

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Budapest - AIT Quick Facts

Language of Instruction
English and Hungarian

Fields of Study
Computer Science, language, history, and culture.

Host Institution
Aquincum Institute of Technology


Program Dates
Fall semester: mid-August to late December.
Spring semester: mid-January to late May.

Faculty Liaison
Kim Bruce

Acquincum Institute of Technology

Budapest is the vibrant capital of Hungary and a very attractive study abroad destination for U.S. students. The city straddles both sides of the Danube, with flat Pest on one side and hilly Buda on the other. It is a culturally rich city--full of music, cafes, striking architecture, museums, and an active street life. Exploring the city (most of which is walkable) is most enjoyable. 

The Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT) was established in 2007 and remains a unique program in the world of study abroad. AIT is designed for Computer Science and Software Engineering Majors, and its faculty and staff are among the top scholars, designers, and teachers in Europe. Classes are small, and emphasize interactivity and creativity. 

The program is located outside of Budapest on a scenic bend of the Danube, in an industrial science park.  The visitor is struck by the impressive activity in the park, which hosts the Hungarian headquarters of Microsoft, SAP, Servier, Canon, Graphisoft, and a number of other high-tech R&D firms. The AIT center is modern, high-tech, and spacious. 

Academic Program

The program begins with a non-credit, two week intensive Hungarian conversation course required by Pomona. Then students take three four-credit AIT courses from the course groups in 1) Foundational computer science, 2) Advanced applications, and/or 3) Creative design and entrepreneurship (1.0 Pomona credit each). In addition, students must enroll in a Hungarian Language I+II (0.5 Pomona credits) and one elective in Hungarian culture (0.5 Pomona credits ). All subject courses are taught in English by Hungarian professors. Students may exercise Pomona’s P/NC option as per the College’s regular guidelines. Refer to the “Grades & Credits” section of this guide. If Pomona students enroll in more than three CS courses, the 3 Pomona credits will be divided over the number of CS courses taken. All courses will appear on the Pomona transcript, and all courses will be calculated into the Pomona GPA.

Living Arrangements

Two or three students share a two-three bedroom apartment in the Budapest city center. Apartments are equipped with internet connection, linens, sheets, washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen. A room, board, utilities, and local transportation allowance is provided by Pomona. Most landlords ask for a security deposit, to be returned at the end of the semester if there are no incidental damages. 

Number of Students

AIT enrolls approximately 50 students, selected from a national pool.


  • Computational and mathematical sophistication, to include:  one programming course; exposure to concepts in data structures; and mathematical maturity developed through a college mathematics course beyond calculus (e.g., linear algebra, discrete mathematics, etc.). 

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